Thursday, 10 November 2016

Animal rights, and the paradigm has shifted.

Only a short message today, I've been thinking a bunch of stuff that on closer evaluation was not relevant.

Breitbart: Campaigners Hand in Petition after 100,000 Call for Ban on Halal Slaughter
“[We] would prefer to see all animals stunned before they are slaughtered for food,” it said in a statement. “However, we also respect the rights of the Jewish and Muslim communities to eat meat prepared in accordance with their religious beliefs."
The 'however' in this line act as a but... What this sentence really means is that: This is us defining what is obviously ethical but we are not going to do anything about unethical abuse of animals with a religious justification.

Grrrrr...!!!! Animal rights is not something I expected to be particularly passionate about but this one severely annoys me.

However, the perspective, dare I say 'paradigm' that I am viewing things with now is not an anger against a rigid system, but wondering in what order things will actually change.

I am somewhat deflated in my prepping desires now. I trust Trump to not mess up America too badly.

Trump is moving quickly and has written a transitional website. The transitions are happening as we speak. 

It really is happening, we are in flux. So the next big piece of news will come probably next week sometime. The markets have become less interesting being that they simply do not seem to have the bottle to crash it seems. We don't know what Kerry and crew are planning in Antarctica but if the 'cabal's' actions so far give us any indication it's probably not much.

So life is good!

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