Thursday, 17 November 2016

Nothing is happening, unless you look closely!:

Firstly, for those of you who do read this kind of thing, this zerohedge update is very interesting and points again in some basic way to there being stock market volatility soon (which I would like because I think people need a bit of a 'shake up' at the moment!) The establishment way of thinking still has a lot of dominance and people believe they can be unthinkingly loyal to it and there will not be consequences, well there will... Soon!

Zerohedge: Dow Suffers First Post-Trump Loss As Cratering Bond Curve Bruises Banks

I've also seen a fantastic new Alt Right commentator:

Part of the reason this womans perspective is so powerful is that she goes into detail about how the Black Lives Matter movement is not a real black empowerment movement. That real black groups have small memberships, teach people to behave properly, to speak properly and not speak like they's 'in da hooouud'; and educate themselves about what the system wants in a way that they end up seeing themselves as on the same level as white people. (We're all victims of the globalists).

Another thing she mentions is that she worked in the music industry and she saw evidence of voodoo/ black magic/ satan worship. and so when she looked up this stuff on the internet she believed it to be true. She says that these people have to stay in that space, of dark magic so have to re remind themselves of these things with weird candles and stuff like that.

How things are:

Personally I have started to repair myself a bit. I have stronger herbal tablets now for sleeping and I will try something else if they do not work. Plus, just a little bit of chi- gong. One standing meditation for ten minutes and on some amazing subtle level, I feel a lot better. 

Globally though, as the title of this article suggests, what is happening is obvious. Rather than things being in your face like they are when an election is on, a quick piece of information about the election and opposing all the games liberals play for example. Things are happening now more quietly because there is a process at work of taking all this intellectual, mind based stuff and getting to something physical.

Here is an Economist (Rothschild) writer writing an article to explain how awful it is that Putin is destroying Da'esh in Aleppo, Trump and Putin may come to agreement, and against Theresa May and Barack Obama's wishes, he may oppose additional sanctions on Russia. All you have to do when reading this article is invert it, all the things this writer says are awful, are in fact BRILLIANT;

Daily Mail: Is blitz on Aleppo the start of Putin's war to rebuild USSR? As Russian missiles rain down on besieged city - and Trump cosies up to Putin - a Kremlin expert's chilling warning

Trump has apparently gotten a 'nicely worded letter' from Putin and already had a phone call from him, so things are moving.

Here is what Trump is obviously up to, talking to knowledgeable advisers about building the wall and other immigration and terrorist related concerns:

Daily Mail: Team Trump mulls reinstating Bush-era national 'registry' of immigrants from terror-prone Muslim countries – and could go around Congress to start building border wall

UK politics:

Things are moving but UK politics looks a bit dire, UKIP seems to be a party soon to be turned into another establishment zombie party and I have no idea what Theresa May is really up to, but her treatment of Trump and her aggression towards Russia to me say that she is a card carrying globalist. She is probably doing the Brexit stuff because she is forced to by the Conservatives and the mysterious positively orientated movers and shakers, but outside of that when she gets to pursue a globalist narrative she seems to jump at the chance.

While she and the remoaners prevaricate, here is what is happening:

(When I first saw this article at around 6 o'clock it had angry and disgusting pro EU anti British posting. However, it seems like the leave voters have awoke, because now at 9:51 it is just full of leaver comments.)

Clearly, the market with a lot of workers here and not that many jobs mean that via the free market system, wages will never increase. Employers can treat their employees very badly and it does not matter if those employees leave because someone will take their place momentarily. But then again, I don't expect Theresa May to do anything about this anytime soon. Foreign born workers have almost zero concerns, they can work all day every day they have no other priorities and personal interests that are the stuff of life, they do not have family here they have to look after, and they do not join Unions.

So businesses do not have to hire the person who has personal concerns, such as a hobby that they need time for, or people with families, medical conditions. Before the crash a contract used to be set shifts, so your shifts may be Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday for instance, 20 hours. Every week. This means you can go to your sculpting class on Thursday morning and kick boxing class Friday evening. But contracts are 'flexible' now, and these businesses pay people the least they can get away with. No sacrifice will be rewarded.

Also, another frustrating things that happens is for some reason this pattern empowers the assholes. The people that enjoy pushing their power around. If you have someone in power that is toxic and moves against people that are very good managers or workers, these people always seem to do OK. The more unequal a society gets the more hierarchical it gets, and the more slavishly following orders and not raising issues is rewarded, which balances the scales, in favour of those who have less experience and are stupid authoritarian managers and away from good managers.

It does look like the architect of all this stupidity is going to get it in the neck soon though, Italian referendum of 4th of December is next, along with Austrian election:


So, as we await the next move, what will likely come is that Trump, or possibly someone somewhere else like Italy or Austria, or someone somewhere else, will deliver the next battle victory to the libertarians and quite possibly the next thing will be a real PHYSICAL thing that the liberals will protest about but... What can they do? It is just 'there'. 

Rather like the left wing protest against Thatcher. It will just continue. But it will be FUN.

Actually, just one more small thing, the next thing astrologically is Neptune going direct in three days. But I don't know what that means other than it will very likely mean some action on the SJW's, because Neptune is directly about that. Twitter has Neptune over it's Uranus that is part of the astrological explanation for its current behaviour at the moment.

I have found before in astrology that we usually feel the current moment so much that we cannot imagine when the planets change, but when they do, it becomes obvious that the moment really has shifted!

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