Monday, 21 November 2016

Poverty and the grind of the unchanging.

So, first Theresa May passes this law that means the government can go through all our internet search histories and now this:

Zerohedge: British Government's "Counter-Extremist" Unit Shuts Down Milo Yiannopoulos Speech

The 'counter extremism' unit is more worried about dealing with "neo nazi's" than it is actual extremists, according to the Daily Express. A better word for the counter extremism unit might be 'thought police'.

Just as I was starting to think (about two months ago) that the government was not that bad, there is a new cut to what is euphemistically called 'benefit' but is more accurately called welfare that is just going to throw loads of people out onto the streets:

Guardian: Benefit cap will hit 116,000 of poorest families, say experts

I'm a JSA claimant: I’ve reached the point that I need help from the #foodbank. Something inside me has died

... and here's the perspective from an entertaining Jonathan Pie:

I wondered briefly while reading the Guardian article at what point the suffering stops. 

Anyway, yet again Benjamin Fulfords update was interesting. However, the fact that George Soros got assassinated doesn't effect anything does it? Because the Hillbots will get funded by someone else in his place!

Yet again we are waiting for some obscure political rule to change so things can move on in some small way. Like some sort of purgatory. For instance, before January 20th Obama can pardon anyone who gets charged, so no one can be arrested...

I have given up expecting a crash although I am still engaged in prepping. The financial wizards seem to be able to make sure the market never crashes. It doesn't matter what happens; a global bond route, Chinese devaluation, Euro devaluation, oil oversupply or any amount of bad economic news. The market just carries on... Oblivious. For what seems like eternity.


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