Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Star Wars superpowers, Trump, Brexit, Fictional Reptilians.

Star Wars the Force Awakens:

So yesterday someone posted a comment on my page whom had a more positive view of the latest Star Wars film. Saying that he did not percieve it to be that bad. I may watch it, it is 136 minutes long which is very good value. Many parts of it look good but at the same time, the most important point I mentioned in the last post was that these powers cannot just be switched on and off casually. If Kylo Ren has telekinetic powers they should not have failed him when he went for the lightsaber in one of the ending scenes.

I used to worry a lot and think a lot of such abilities. I have the ability to see auras sometimes but I mostly keep this ability away by not thinking of it. It is a non useful distraction. I used to have a lot of fears that if I didn't use it I would lose it. But that is not how it works. I have discovered I always have this ability I just have to think of it.

The reason this works in my view is that you always remember the feeling of using the ability and remembering the feeling is how you access that part of your brain. So if that is the case, using telekinesis is accessing a part of yourself the same way you may remember what it feels like to ride a bike or play a musical instrument. The same principle applies with Kylo Rens apparent inability to use the 'force' in matters of interrogation.

I have seen it put forward that perhaps Rey's ability to use the force so quickly and pick up dreadful swordfighting ability against a pretty limp dick Sith is because she was Darth Vader in a past life. Well, perhaps there will be some explanation that satisfies why she did not have to train as hard as Luke to pick up said abilities. That would be interesting and if Kylo Ren is pretty quickish to be killed then we can move on to Darth Plaguies/ Snoke. That would be good.


Anyway, in the real world, things are getting pretty bad:

Very scary stuff. 

But today, everyone, even random English people I have spoken to over email is very focused on the Trump election which is an event that cannot really be modified, just waited for patiently. I have felt a pull all morning, more stress than usual. I realise as I talk to people that everyone is in the same boat in this area with a similar level of knowledge. We are locked down into a more 'service to self' existence at the moment so things are becoming uniform and 'samey'.

With any luck, the waves created by a Trump victory will be able to influence events like this:

Daily Express: Nicola Sturgeon instructs top lawyer to STOP Supreme Court Brexit appeal

I don't normally feel frustration as an emotion. It is not something I feel. Everyone has a go to bad emotional state (some are self centered, some naggy, some tune out); I get a seething anger not the feeling of powerless anger that is frustration. But I felt frustrated reading this.

The Scots are doomsdayers. I percieve the majority of cybernats have the perspective that whatever any government is doing is wrong. That even those like David Icke are on the take and that the world is just evil on all sides. Why they got this perspective I do not know, but they are pinned between different sides. The EU is evil. The UK is evil. That means the EU is a corporatist monster that should be opposed and the hard right and UKIP are a fascist monster that must be opposed. The latter perspective is influenced by a quite palpable racism in my view. (There are notable exceptions).

This is why they don't vote. Had they just have got off their asses and voted against the true Goldman Sachs style New World Order bureaucracy, then Sturgeon would not have had the mandate to go on this tirade. But they didn't.

I have deep Scottish roots. I am about 3/8ths Scottish, and my manner is very Scottish when I have seen Scottish audiences, perhaps moreso than English. I basically say this to show that my actual anger at this group cannot be explained away as 'racism'. 


Just one more small point:

I was watching Star Wars, the Clone Wars (In my view is where a lot of the real non hollywoodised Star Wars Universe exists.) There were a group of reptilian characters in it that were so realistic and so familiar it was interesting. As I have heard them described before. They were stronger than most of the human characters, more resilient, they were natural hunters. 

When you go to a zoo most of the animals are semi OK with captivity. Such as monkeys and big cats. They are not good it is not natural, but they wonder around and socialise and everything. But snakes are not OK. They are unmoving and clearly very depressed. When I have seen them it has struck me that they have had their natural hunting instinct stopped and have no reason to live because of this. I wonder if any humanoid forms based on reptilian physiology would keep the same background emotions.

Also, I have heard that the people that spent time underwater in Atlantis grew gills. I wondered if the humanoid creatures that were 'fish like' are also accurate as well. (I have heard of 'plant like' people!)

The world could be all different tomorrow. Times are exciting. Remember, whatever happens with Trump and whatever the American 'remainers' pull, Italy will have its referendum next. Things march on...

How exciting!

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