Saturday, 5 November 2016

Trump election/ butthurt liberals. Archetypal work in global events.

Ooohh. I'm on 656 posts at the moment. Going to get to 666 no doubt soon.

Firstly, I have read this article and have gotten to greater understanding of the lightning archetype that comes before the star in the spirit complex of the Tarot. While it seems the negative has been trying to twist the sudden illumination of light into a war like insight for mankind. The real positive forces and real expression of this archetype has happened following David Wilcocks post 11-11 about lightning symbolically heralding big changes that I have written about previously.

We are nearing what I think will be the Trump election. The stock market has been down 9 consecutive days because the establishment obviously feels they have lost. This means that on cue the market watchers are warning about any coming potential collapse

I think at this moment it is worth casting our minds back to the past few months and reminding ourselves how vicious and nasty the campaigners are for the Hillary side, and for the pro EU side she represents in the larger scheme. In the Hungary referendum on migrant quotas the pro "refugee" side in Hungary told its supporters to not go to vote and because of this, the turnout was lower than 40% the Hungarians needed to create a law.

This represents spectacularly bad sportsmanship in my view and it is understandable that the originators of this rule did not foresee that it would be twisted for such reasons. This passive and angry tactic from them is ongoing.

The loss by the pro EU side brought on some twitter manifestations of their inner anger that I wrote about before:

Perhaps this seemed worse directly after the Brexit vote. But their ongoing angry condescension is very intense, consider the condescension in the comment section of this twitter status, the ongoing assaults by the media, the reason I left twitter and the crap from the forum.

In that last post I explained in detail why they will be unprepared to lose, since they assume their view is the only one held because in their view it is:
So, naturally, they assume they are right. Like happened with the Brexit vote. The BBC journalists didn't know anyone that opposed their point of view and a friend of mine in London I talked about was sure we were going to stay in the EU. They assume their perspective is the one held by most people because in their world... it is!
Then what happens is reality strikes in an uncomfortable way. They are told that in the most important physical sense, in the only sense that actually matters at the end of the day, they have lost. The negative polarity does not accept loss and it cannot handle it. What happens then is those perspectives they have put at arms length, come crashing in on them.
It is an interesting idea the spectacular loss the establishment is facing. All the money poured into Hillary will see no return. That is $billions or more. Same with the establishment media who will be seeing, finally, some material karma for their actions. Many establishment types belong in jail. How many thousands or millions of people are invested in this whore of the damned. How many intuitively know that if Trump wins, their day of reckoning is coming. Even if those crimes are subtler simpler things, not the crimes of a Bond villain but your average, unrepentant and unreformed, thief, petty tyrant or cheater! Black Lives Matter activists that suspect there is something wrong with what they are doing, that are aware that they are NOT fighting for freedom. Feminists?

It is truly a day of reckoning!

One other small point, On Donald Trumps first full day of office he will be 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old. I have heard that 777 is kind of like the antidote to 666. This is interesting. Also, 777 is the Shemitah and dropping of the Dow in 2008. 2008 was not planned by the establishment, they lost a lot of power in that crash in terms of international trade.

So... Exciting time... Have you prepped?

Next week, if Trump is elected, karma on a fundamental level will start to really initialise itself. What a great time to be alive!

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