Saturday, 12 November 2016

Social media, Star Wars, history and markets.

So, despite the fact that I intended to delete both twitter and facebook originally. I had to contact some people about an issue over facebook (that may very well have been a great help to someone) and yesterday, I re- activated my twitter, because, you need a twitter account to log into periscope apparently.

When a supermarket like Tesco moves into an area, they deliberately decrease their prices so that the local businesses go bankrupt. So eventually, the only choice of the local people is to go to that supermarket.

The situation is similar with twitter and facebook, it simply provides services we can't get elsewhere and because we can communicate via facebook we don't take peoples emails anymore, or even bother keeping up to date with phone numbers for acquaintances.

Star Wars

I have finished watching Star Wars the Clone Wars and have decided, that Anakins perspective when he went over to the dark side was not completely incorrect. (Aside from the Padme stuff of course).

The Jedi are not as saintly as they appear on first glance. They are too nervous in giving the appearance of being good people than being good people. They did end up betraying people, and they were very lax in allowing the corruption to grow within the Republic. The separatists were basically the same as the Republic and both sides were being manipulated. But the Jedi continued their war without any real insight.

Plus, they were just outdone by Palpatine. The way he moved things around without ever leaving footsteps was amazing.

The Jedi were essentially at the 'beck and call' of the negative force. The folly of love. Yoda their leader was fourth density as well (all the green references).

The global game and history:

So what we have here is interesting. An interesting thought. I have previously said that the young people living here after the crash do not know what it was like when people were less down and opportunity was more as before the crash; and that this has a negative effect on them.

What is interesting though, as Lauren Southern summarises, is how the process of leftising everything happened. Through the groups of left wingers that became teachers in the past and the gradual growing of this progressive agenda.

It's just a thought but it seems, if you look at it, to be fairly deliberate. Tony Blair and the European Union conspiring to increase immigration massively in the UK while keeping that fact secret, never talking about it or pushing it a positive.

Though there is something positive. I have talked before about how things only seem to change once we have a vote. I recently found out that Turkey only abandoned the European Union and pivoted to Russia after the Brexit vote. So these votes have effects on the ground on what people do everywhere. The Trump vote with more people than the Brexit vote, and the coming Italian referendum and re- doing of the Austrian vote should influence things more.


Gregory Mannarino has been getting thousands of emails. People are worried about this bond situation but people like Gregory are keeping schtum, only giving technical information. Gregory seems split to me between his desire to help the everyday person and the considerations of being an elite trader that has close friends in the major banks.

Reading between the lines I think no one knows what's going on because it is about how the 'cabal' will react to Trump; also, they like Trump and do not want to sound the alarm, and also, they don't want to warn people off and reduce liquidity if they want to exit their own positions if they do believe it is all going to hell.

This guy summarises it well:

Zerohedge: Interview With Jim Bianco: "The Elite Opinion Does Not Count Anymore"
At this point, we just have to wait and see how the Trump presidency will impact the economy. Is he going to appoint people that he knows and punish those that weren’t with him? Or will he allow people like Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan to say: »Here’s a couple of people for some posts that might work very well.» That was the hope after Trump gave a very conciliatory acceptance speech. He didn’t come out and say: »We will build a wall and put Hillary in jail». But there is always a risk that he could fall back to that in the next couple of weeks and the markets might have a toxic reaction.
Spoken like a true elitest... It may be inconvenient for the markets if a deranged sociopath gets arrested.

We are all though doing all we can do, which is wait.

I did find out one thing though, is that some people are not worried about the US treasury bonds because the European bonds are in a worse condition and when those sell off people will be buying up the US ones.

So, Italy and Austria it is then!

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