Thursday, 10 November 2016

Something profound about fiction. The darkness of the world.

Darkness of the world.

I have been thinking recently about how unyieldingly dark the world has become. The biblical phrase about the fourth empire that crushes absolutely everything and puts the world in 'never ceasing fear' comes to mind. Although to be fair, I'm sure the world wars were far worse.

The second job I got (after an unremarkable paper round) was in a supermarket. I had been searching for a job for about a week. The third was at a utilities company working on the phones, I had been searching not very hard for perhaps a month or so, and then it worked out.

When I left University I tried for about, (give or take) three years to get a job in a minimum wage industry. Despite my memory, intelligence, work ethic, presentation etc. being very good it was a grinding experience. I remember two distinct experiences that highlight this plight. One was going for an interview and connecting with the interviewer afterward and he told me, in a way I very much believed him, that it had been impossible for him to do the work because they had about eighty interviews.

That may have been true or exaggeration but they had been interviewing straight for two weeks. This was in a basic customer service orientated job. The second was overhearing a person who did everything exactly like me, seemed to have similar experience, problems, but seemed better than me in almost every way as well; he also did not have a job and had been trying for a while.

There was difference in the experience of working as well. I worked in a supermarket both before the crash and afterwards. Before, the job was fairly relaxed, I was disciplined by management almost never; I had a few small pay rises and the job paid a bit above minimum wage. The second, after the crash, was minimum wage and there was major, MAJOR emphasis on not spending any time not working, so if there were no customers you had to go and stack something for instance.

The supermarket I worked at before the crash that raised my wage a few times, has recently had a problem with the unions (but they went ahead anyway) because it has removed extra money for weekends and the night shift. I suspect they are down at minimum wage as well.

This tiny element of economic friction is reflected in my wider life. Friends that were happy and easygoing once upon a time have turned to alcohol or become flat out weird. Young people in my life are brainwashed or have other, serious things. People are being worked harder. I myself am not in a good place from a liberal perspective.

It is why I have turned to politics to straighten out the hopelessness to some extent, also, that I have always been into politics. I have always believed that a change is coming and it is getting closer.

Something profound about fiction:

William Shatner, in response to a vicious SJW accusing him of being an irrelevant piece of nostalgia, told the guy that 'You poor precious snowflake; you didn't get your way so everyone needs to run around like chicken little?'

So, William Shatner, I have not seen the original Star Trek series but it is the last of a group of things I have been noticing that just screams out the case I am going to make.

Consider two Trump supporters: William Shatner and Clint Eastwood.
Now consider a Clinton funder: Mark Hamill. Katy Perry.
And a Europhile: Patrick Stewart.

First, I remember when I used to be into the human design chart, which is a very practical astrology system that advocates real behaviours, it is not abstract or particularly mystical. I remember watching the show 24 and Jack Bauer made a speech that perfectly encapsulated the story of his 'type'.

Out of interest I went further and all the characters in these shows were acting in accord with their types.

Quite a coincidence!

Then, I did a similar thing with actual astrology and people, moving on to my own characters and their charts. The point I am trying to make here is: Is it that the people involved, the soul of the actor is expressed in the character? Or the energy.

For instance, the two coolest characters in history potentially, are also taking the more 'male' route of supporting Trump. The man who was acting the weirdest expression of communism, the 'more evolved sensibility man'. Jean Luc Picard. Patrick Stewart. Also, in real life, supports this same sort of warped communist thinking. (The Federation in Star Trek is incredibly centrally controlled).

Katy Perry is as much an actor as a singer. Supporting Clinton? Is this about pretending to be loving and not analysing that any deeper?

... and... we arrive at Mark Hamill. Same thing, pretending to be loving. But the love of Luke in Episode VI is not realistic. I think I read from David Wilcock that the Star Wars series are 'cabal' based, especially with the bad character solving the problem. Be that as it may Luke's strategy in dealing with the emperor at the end of Star Wars is not realistic, and this 'pretending to be loving' mindset seems to be an aspect of the actor.

The larger point being if someone like me perhaps was given Patrick Stewarts Picard lines it probably would not work, because I would look at them but not believe them but they work for Stewart. Same as with if I was given Luke's lines. They work for these actors who do in fact believe this garbage, or believe something similar. Are at least willing to commit to it to fool others!

This is why the Star Wars films cannot raise above a certain level. Because unless people are willing to let go of their preconceptions and prioritise the filming, perhaps learning in the process, then the character can only grow as much as the actor has, and in some of these cases that is... Not very much!

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