Friday, 4 November 2016

Wow, Brexit chaos.

So, the 'High Court' (high on meph?) has ruled that politicians do actually need to vote to allow a Brexit.

It seems as though there may be some kickback against this but I do not yet know. I would need to log on to twitter to find out (ironic again).

Nigel Farage says that this decision may lead to kickback... I wonder? I've always noticed when I've been to left wing events and Union people speak that the English have this tendency of staying quiet about things for years while allowing their anger to grow and then at some point exploding as in the poll tax riots.

If a bunch of MP's got tortured to death for this decision I do not think I would mind, whereas before this decision I think I would have, because it is uncivilised. But that means nothing. What means something is what the collective does right now.

It is kind of inevitable for this to happen. Because Theresa May has not taken care of the law of free will. When something like this happens you have to have a vote to secure a new mandate. If that had happened we would have Brexit MP's who would take us to Brexit. If you try to get around free will the negative polarity will find the chink that has now been created in the armour.

There is talk of a new general election. This is the best way I think this could be solved. The last one was rigged so a new, non rigged general election and I think we will be on our way to a positively polarised planet.

It may be that when Trump is elected, assuming he is, the globalist forces are severely weakened and the ripple effects create a change in this as well. Also obviously, Trump supporting Brexit in terms of trade will make it easier, but we have to get past the legal hurdle of first calling Article 50 first.

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