Thursday, 24 November 2016

Socialist model vs democracy, finance.

Well, Venus and Pluto are conjunct, the darkest areas of the feminine mindset are coming to the surface, also, Mercury and Saturn are conjunct. Which is where all this 'media war' and "fake news" is emphasized.

Yesterday, I did something I have not done in a while. I listened to a Stefan Molyneux video. I felt bad afterward, for reasons already mentioned, but this video was nonetheless very good:

This very neatly syncs up with the next video:

Of course it emphasizes what I already know but in a freshly raw way. The first video concerns historical events where a socialist ideology was used in a society. The society took wealth from it's strong and healthy to give to what it deemed 'needy'. The strong and healthy then stopped producing wealth because... Why would they? If it's just going to be taken from them to feed others. After tens of thousands died from starvation the society went to a free market system and experienced a huge bounty such that they were able to export crops.

The second continues with a modern day example of the same phenomenon in Sweden. Where a feminist government decided to snow plow not based on what was most useful to society but based on some gender perspective. The whole country ground to a standstill and many people were wounded because of this.

*Sigh*. But we already know this. 

After the problems in Sweden rather than say... Hm... Maybe we should stop making policies when taking crack cocaine; they decided to double down on their efforts. Because, the negative polarity cannot give up, they feel a loss from that. They refuse to lose polarity.

Basically though what is happening is karma/ the free market is beginning to assert itself through these votes, but the negative forces are rallying against them. (I.e. the next moments we could get a bit of oxygen are the aforementioned UKIP leadership on November 28th. Then the 4th December votes in Italy and Austria).

I am skeptical the negative will get anywhere. The Hillbots are determined enough to overthrow Trump to commit Kanye West to a psychiatric institute, they clearly have not given up. But Trump and his crew have outsmarted these people before. Rigging the electoral college or fraudulently recounting Trump battleground states (Brussel Sprouts Grandma has turned out to be a globalist!)... Do we think this is going to work? Come on.

The financial market are looking really, really weird. The rate hike is going ahead and also, although I stated this recently, what usually heralds massive crashes seems to be happening again without consequence:

Zerohedge: Relentless Dollar Surge Continues: Asian Currencies Plunge To 7 Year Lows, Hitting Emerging Markets

The dropping of the Yuan is the big thing. When it suddenly devalued in August 2015, the whole financial system plunged for three days ending in the Americans bombing a Chinese port. But it is now happening and no one is saying anything.

If Clinton and co did manage to rig the election and get in. Then perhaps the guys in the forces opposing the cabal would just say... 'OK that's it'. Crash the markets and go and drag the bodies of the cabal members out of their shelters. I do not know how it will happen. But it is certainly a very interesting situation!

And if this crash was fairly traumatising. Perhaps it would by a similar situation to the early American colonists losing so many lives before the changed their governmental structure away from socialism.

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