Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Shock victory.

I am in shock. I feel quieter, relaxed after the stress of the election.

On the morning of November 8th I woke up feeling very stressed. Now I feel shocked and tired. The reactions I have don't identify themselves by cause. There's just a kind of subconscious feeling.

In line with a kind of 'jedi code' I am not going to enjoy the protests of liberals. These people can only prosper in the lack of a proper free market. When there is no free market and Uranian ideals of truth, when things are suppressed, these neo liberal leftist get attention because there is simply nothing more interesting to look at than those that are using the power of the establishment for their own uses.

However, as will likely happen now, the rules will be relaxed. There will be less suppression of controversial news and people on the liberal left will likely be left behind. Who wants to listen to some overgrown childs dictates on 'safe spaces' when there is news of some incredible Hollywood scandal on paedophilia, some new military technology, a real update on the war in Syria or many other things.

Which is a real effect of this American victory. Trumps team will be in office doing things that are just common sense. Rather than pursue a neo liberal agenda in relation to immigration for instance, or Black Lives Matter, they will simply take the obvious action. Illegal immigrants will not be let in. Criminals will be deported. Black areas will be policed.

If you had a board meeting and you had a new CEO, who was known to be a good guy, some of the change might be subtle. Some of the changes might be that people at this meeting simply hide ideas that are psychopathic. 'I'll just put this one on the shelf'! They will take a different tack to the one they would if a sociopathic CEO was the new person. They will suggest the good ideas that help everyone more.

The whole country will be going through that sociological change.

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