Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Now we wait.

I've kind of shot my own blog in the face now:

(Dow 5 year, all new highs):

I talked in my last blog about nothing happening until January 20th in my last blog, and if that is the case, then there is less likely to be much I will talk about up until then!

It's not that long away!

I do also talk about some other things such as sociological trends and astrology. Which are related but not always related. I had a whole story about class difference and how the liberal left are now the middle class condescending to the rest of us... But I do not need to even bother with that. Everyone already knows.

The sun will approach my Saturn over the next few weeks so perhaps I will get some insight into what the whole Saturn thing is about having just undergone my Saturn return.

But the rest of the news at the moment is hardly surprising.

Le Pen 'shock' polling is ahead of the game!
Tony Blair and friends are making major lobbying moves to stop Brexit *shock*.
Liberal eunuchs in UKIP are actually rigging the vote via the ballot. *shock horror*. The dark side always has the same tactics.

So for now we wait!

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