Friday, 23 December 2016

Sociology, sex stories and sex- bots.

This morning I have been thinking of an erotic story, starting to put the foundations of it on in my mind.

I looked up erotic stories recently on literotica and found a section that I thought was interesting 'mind control'. Although many of the stories on there aren't actually mind control, and the ones that are, many of them the feature of mind control itself is not well explained. So much that it seems more like the 'victim' of this form of mental rape is actually going along with the sex game willingly.

However, I genuinely believe one day we will be developing extra sensory abilities. Although I think it highly unlikely that entities will be able to control others minds, I do believe that such a thing is possible under the right circumstances (respecting certain invisible laws). If I were to write such a story the focus for me would be in creating a realistic seeming character and a realistic set of supernatural abilities. So the woman involved, if she were the mind controller, would not be a being with a supernatural ability to ignore certain ethics in a situation, but would be vulnerable, irrational, and a clear human part to her. Sometimes doubting or clearly wanting to push away in her mind the actions she was doing. Other times turned on and completely unrepentant.

I woke up to see this was the only interesting article today:

Zerohedge: Sex Robots Are Becoming A Thing - And They Could Kill Off The Human Race

Not unlikely. In fact far more likely than many worldly wise people might think in my view.

I don't know where my audience comes from, although I suspect normal people somewhere between working class and middle class, many American if they're coming through Gab. No idea of gender balance my twitter is about 70 - 30 towards the male so that is perhaps likely as regards to this blog.

However, in my personal life there are two types of men relevant to this: One is the almost liberal personality that obsesses over clubbing, shows all sorts of hypocrisy and will throw you down the garbage shoot in order to get laid. I suppose this type comes in both genders and is very strong in the people around my age (my generation, those born around the same time as me), and always has been. Sometimes this type watches a lot of porn and wacks off and may turn their attention to sex bots, but there is always a kind of loneliness to this sort of character that makes me think they will seek out the real flesh and blood creature.

There are also a LOT of gay men!

The other is probably closer to where some people see me in my personal life. When I was young I found women to be very manipulative and my somewhat accountancy like thinking calculated that they were not a good investment. I used to admire people, to be magnetically attracted to things and people which seemed to be immune to sex. Who reacted nice and politely with women but were basically outside the realm of experience where respecting womens feelings and emotions was at all relevant. Not aggressive just not relevant!

I often found that musical people most completely satisfied this, and moments spent with music, partly because it rejects the dimension where women are dominant, is a hugely rewarding one for me.

However, more recently, in the younger generation especially, I am now observing many men for which women are not a thing. Even more so than has ever been the case for me. I think the rise of video games is strongly relevant to this. Even where the man does have a girlfriend they are less obsessed with them than they have been in my memory of such things. 

If things do not improve sex bots will take away the niche of men between these two. Those that are motivated enough to want sex but not determined enough to invest energy into it. Perhaps society will get more positive but even if the world does go through a positive transformation women that were once feminist will still be around! I think it is a profoundly interesting phenomena, it matters not to me if the human race on this planet dies out!

It also leads me to add flesh onto the potential female character in the story I outlined. She may not feel appreciated and from some animal need actually want sex, preferring to live in a world where she is chased, frustrated that she is not. So uses supernatural 'abilities' to get what she wants and remains resentful.


The financial and other news is interesting at the moment. Although, I am wise enough now when looking at these things to wait for a physical material manifestation before getting excited. Or at least more explanation.

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