Wednesday, 1 July 2015

What I have learnt.

After all my too- ing and fro- ing. It appears, as was my psychic insight before the whole thing that I noted. That I have been a little manipulated. Not in a bad way though.

Greece will likely go back to the EU. Everything will be fine now because China has got involved, offering to save the day, have the West not suffer a cataclysmic defeat at the hands of their own stupidity, leading to riots and death.

As part of this deal China are buying newspapers. (Slowly awakening people, or quickly.)

The Free will clause is obviously still active. As it always should be. I only know these things because I have looked for them.

My input has probably, possibly partly had the effect of terrifying the Western bankers etc. That paranoid as the negative are, are probably watching all these things. It was all a manipulation, right from the start. Everything, the whole of Greece.

Oh well, I've learned to respect free will again. This has been interesting.

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