Wednesday, 22 July 2015

A Diary Of Conspiracy.

(I basically withdraw the conclusion of Corbyn not being in the good camp by the mistaken labelling in this article of Kendall as a 'human being'. I'm leaving it up I think it has some good thoughts. I really need the discipline to stay completely out of the Labourleadership, I have an active mind but I can't do any good here.)

My pageviews have gone up, they do every so often, why? Possibly coming down from my twitter account, or a post on my local MP's website.

Regardless, this makes me all of a sudden a little more apprehensively about expressing myself honestly, nonetheless. Can people comment on this blog? I don't usually let people comment on my other sites.

Regardless, this is what I have to say.

I am very suspicious about this 'Corbyn' bloke in the Labourleadership. I don't like the way he talks, and I don't like what he says.

The first thing I want to say is if Corbyn really is part of the negative agenda then hats off to them. I have generally been disappointed with the negatives plays. I don't know what positive forces they are up against but in general what I hear about them is that their spiritual and religious ideas are not really in line with anything that makes a great deal of sense, and that they believe the lies they use to manipulate others, which is like a gunrunner picking up a gun and joining the customers.

However, let's look at where we are.

A) Tony Blair, whom surely is fully aware of how he will impact events has decided to chose this moment to warn Labour against a 'move to the left'. Which means all the Labourites will in short order say 'yes we have one up on the 'Blairites''.

B) Nigel Farage, whom knows what he is doing I suspect, chose not to reveal whom he actually liked in the Labour Leadership contest, since he knows that whomever he backs will lose points. (specious)

And the guy is extremely angry. He looks like a 'Spook' and I have had that feel from the beginning. I suspect that this is the 'Blair'. This is the one that says all the right things.

I have had good reason from my local MP about his abstaining from the welfare bill, and a little bit of knowledge into the situation. There is always a moment when looking at the negative when you see brieflly into a really bizarre thought process, and my MP has described this negative 'capture' on the situation very well, how the 'Tories' are behaving and thinking.

From the brief section I saw the only two in the Labour Leadership who seemed 'human', are Liz Kendall foremost and Andy Burnham. The other two have something dark there. This is just my thought on it. I'm not Labour so probably won't be heavily investing in it.

Also, Tony Blair being the 'Rockerfeller faction' and this guy seeming so completely a 'spook' seems to me an interesting coincidence.

It's not evidence, in fact it is supremely thin. But, I want to show a certain respect for the negative polarities mind games. The 'negative polarity is very clever' (LoO), and to show respect for them you will not underestimate them. 

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