Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Some of the most dangerous and interesting developments in modern politics. Listed.

A) ISIS and the mediterranean crisis: This issue has not gone away, even though no one is talking about it. Hundreds of people are arriving at the shores of Italy after ISIS has taken over everything in Libya and surrounding countries. ISIS with a fraction of the number of fighters it really needs to create a proper army, nevertheless are doing extremely well militarily.

There are fights in Greece around food. There is a general state of fear among the refugees/ economic migrants. They cannot all be classified as refugees, since some of them do not have families with them, and are intent on coming to England rather than anywhere else. England with a lot of jobs 'off the books'. (Although to be sure a person doesn't fit into the definition of 'migrant' or 'refugee', this is a human term).

ISIS have stated they are sending members amongst this group that would be impossible to find even for our technically advanced security services. 500,000 migrants have already arrived and the same amount again is on their way. The EU planned to destroy Libya's boats to stop this but Wikileaks released this ahead of time which tipped off the Libyan government.

B) AI. Artificial Intelligence: Two places, i) the recent United Airlines, Zero Hedge, New York Stock Exchange and Wall Street Journal recently had to shut down because an Artificial intelligence program was testing the civilians to see what would happen. The cabal are losing and are resorting to an impossibly dangerous tool to keep themselves in power (Bilderberg meetings first discussion point and in Hollywood movies and news recently.) ii) Jade Helm is also using the same tools.

C) TTIP: An incredibly dangerous trade deal between the US and EU which will allow corporations to privatise the NHS and take MP's to secret courts if said MP's are getting in the way of their prophits. The Bilderberg connected Labour party have been very much in favour of TTIP.

D) A global economic crash following Greece leaving the EU: Although essentially a good thing that could see many of the most criminal in our society go to jail. It could also create a lot of panic and potential problems with food etc.

E) Tetch ET's: UFO sightings have massively increased because the negative types have been cornered. Some of the UFO videos currently available are clearly negative and are very disturbing. Most likely won't effect the common man, but it could do.

F) The Budget: This would be catastrophic if it were actually going to happen. But it's not. One of the preceding developments will dwarf it and the whole system is on the edge of collapse and won't survive that long.

What the good guys are planning is a massive document dump of many things about the negative groups, and the space program, as part of other developments I do not know about.

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