Monday, 6 July 2015

Extra views? And 'retaining lower energies.

I am suddenly been getting quite a few extra views. I have no idea why.

I think I could have been wrong about EU and Chinese, perhaps things are pretty much what they seem to be in the daily news. I'm not sure much good comes from reading Benjamin Fulford since he changes his mind every week. (Or he reports on other international actors that change their mind.)

He also doesn't follow up on important details. The Chinese were buying a Western Newspaper last week, what happened to that.

The whole EU seems to be 'unravelling'.

Also, with the 'retaining my lower energies', a practice I'm hoping to use to improve myself spiritually, I have insight that not ever thinking of anal/ oral/ hand jobs etc. BDSM, is part of the way to stop these behaviours. Had a dream where I literally couldn't follow up on a relationship with a girl that wanted my hands in her 'bits'.

Also, I have slipped in my discipline at that, but am getting it back now.

And I am realising that the more time I spend on the computer the worse my dreams are, so am curtailing that back as well.

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