Saturday, 18 July 2015

I 'Just Know'.

I have had a strange thing that's happened recently with this problem that I have outlined.

I outlined how a girl I felt very well matched to turned against me at a high vibration, I also mentioned how a friend was 'lying' to me in a way that was uncomfortable.

You know what I'm going to say, I feel this girl and the friend are/ have been dating. It is something I feel, it has no direct evidence, but I 'JUST KNOW'.

I'll outline some of this 'circumstantial' evidence:

One time when I made a piece of music about me and this girl and put it online, all of a sudden this friend changed his tune in a very strange way. I phoned him and he was on the phone and I just 'knew' they were communicating (I sometimes phoned the two of them at the same time and they were both engaged), then he said that he wasn't into music anymore and came out with some new-age-neo-liberal garbage. I think it was she was angry with me so told him not to support me musically.

Sometimes he offers 'proof' that my assertions are stupid but the 'feel' like a lie, the energy does not support them. You feel it when someone is offering something and the energy behind it. For instance, he says 'to show you how honest I am I will give you her facebook'. I checked her (I've only ever checked her the two times outlined in this post.) I checked her that time and there were none of the 'pictures' of her relationship with someone else he had been trying to convince me. It was a very perfectly presented facebook.

Later of course, recently I checked her again... She had blocked me. She had only been available to me for his display of 'honesty'.

Also, he says things like 'I have a text from (the guy she's seeing)' I feel the energy, as I have very often when he has said things (the energy has predicted things in the conversation before) I know this is a false energy and sure enough he can't find the text. It's relatively easy to find a text and if someone is falsely accusing you you would take the time to find it.

When I talk to this guy there is a satanic energy. Because he has insisted they are not together and I feel they are, so I have to, out of 'fear' not talk about it. (There are other more 'proof based' evidence than that outlined, this is a gist.) What happens when I have to suppress myself is the overlaying conversation is one way, and there is rich symbology showing what is 'really' being said.

It's all gotten pretty serious now. Everyone involved doesn't have an excuse anymore for their behaviour. They've seen the evidence and the signs and a lot of them have KNOWINGLY CHOSEN A ROUTE OTHER THAN THE POSITIVE. A certain amount of confusion is expected, once it becomes conscious there is responsibility taken for the actions involved.

Of course this guy has had to become more angry and unpleasant to justify his behaviour. Everyone involved, including all those I volunteered with has taken part.

Eventually of course, perhaps soon, all the truth will out and people will not be able to hide from it. People will be compelled to act positive and those without power will become those with power. Until that time comes I will suffer. I have experienced extremely painful dreams of loving this girl, she has chosen to avoid me at all costs and the positive feeling she once had does not go away, it is supressed within her. The LoO explained that.

Either another life or this one. I am unhappy with this arrangement but I do not have any power.

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