Monday, 27 July 2015

Addendum to last post.

(Update that I feel I should put but wouldn't chose to :). After the girls name on facebook when I searched before, the term (magic of isis) was there in brackets. Very likey that has been taken down now considering the times, you'd have to be nuts to keep that up!)
I am feeling very weird right now. I am feeling TRULY like I could be dying (right ear ringing).

I have been disappointed before, but this feels really strange. The spirits feel very present, my heart chakra isn't really ON so to speak. It does not seem to be producing energy. (My aura however, which according to Cayce readings should not be present if I was passing, is present currently, however has jagged edges around the sides.)

I've decided if tweedledee and tweedledum from the last post did call I would not answer, since if they even slightly took me seriously, and they would probably only do that if I got a serious illness, their next play would be to believe that I was 'Law of Attractioning' myself to death and they had to manipulate me to stop it. So the interaction would be from my perspective STO, but then they would be manipulating the situation, so it would turn STS. And I'd be defending/ explaining myself and realising it was STS so it would be STS.

Of course, the choice is... Guy with real metaphysical problems that's been telling the truth about everything, or... Guy that is lying about everything and COMPLETELY delusional... Take your pick.

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