Thursday, 16 July 2015

Basic Astrological Interpretation of Events.

(Minor update at bottom of page):

So let's look at what is happening astrologically at the moment (pertains to yesterday):

Yesterday, just as all the Greek stuff was heating up and either citizens, or paid security personnel were throwing molotov cocktails at police, Mars was directly opposite Pluto. Mars being in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn.

Now Pluto is what is going on with the banking system/ corporations et al. At the moment. This being in authoritarian, ambitious, establishment, entrepreneurial Capricorn.

Mars was directly opposite that in home based Cancer. So Mars, Mercury and the Moon were saying, this is our home, these are the real people and our country. On a real aggressive level (Mars) a thought based sometimes bureaucratic level (mercury) and a relevant emotional level (Moon).

Uranus has taken off from Pluto, no longer being trapped in the square. When we hear about Uranian efforts at bringing forth greater technical wonders, it is no longer so completely directly connected with the Plutonian darkness. Uranus is out on it's own and David and Corey are now talking about things to do with 'data dumps' rather than 'mass arrests.'

Saturn is retrograding through Capricorn and the Saturnian power of crunching down (for good or evil) is diffuse at the moment. My guess is that when Saturn goes direct things will seem as though they are focused again. Through Scorpio and this may be directed at those with unjust use of power, or it may be those using unjust power.

Sun in Cancer trining Chiron in Pisces. Chiron in Pisces is atm is the wound that those in power are treating us badly on a somewhat emotional level. During sun conjunct Chiron I have been very annoyed, very upset for two years running now on that transit, that the media are not reporting as they should be. Chiron is deep collective wounds and Pisces is very concerned with Extra terrestrials and/ or physics types of sciences. Sun in Cancer is the whole feeling around us not being connected to our ET heritage (Pisces-Chiron), and on a very real level us not being able to improve our lives in relation to that.

Uranus going to VenusLeo and JupiterLeo. My Jupiter is damaged currently so I can't tell you. I'm not allowed to freely express myself as I have outlined. I can't tell you what Venus is doing either, it being currently to do with the nobleness of the ego and moving into a kind of organised working and protective personal mentality (Virgo)
(Modification, so perhaps instead of simplifying to Pluto = Illuminati. Pluto is what is going on with corporations banks politics. And Uranus is positive i.e. David and Corey, information released to the world, and the cabal now have a negative Uranus with computer tricks such as AI. Positive Pluto could be positive undercover things, or it could be, is more likely, when corruption is revealed. Photo of Pluto interesting synchronicity here.)

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