Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Crop circle on my birthday

The post I reference here is a post I did on my Bring4th blog. A lot of posts are copied but some are different on each blog:

Just saying, when I do positively polarised stuff I feel a little bad about the kind of posts I just wrote, however, it is how it is.

I just arranged to go see a crop circle with a very close friend. These basically positively polarised things are a good distraction and they keep you connected with people (I.e. in positive polarity, the last time I talked to him I needed psychological help and he has a direct issue with my thoughts on some of these things being declared 'valid' in any way). Of course I have fears about positively polarising that I have outlined but I am here on this earth, karmic rules cannot prevent me from doing anything AT ALL.
(With my ability to look into the future, I DO NOT think I will get to see a crop circle. I reach for the feeling and the images and it's not there. I do not know why.)

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