Sunday, 26 July 2015

Uranus retrograde.

Commenting on an extremely fine energy change but Uranus (which I pronounce U-ran-us) is retrograde. Possibly why there is a slightly more technical element to some of the conspiracy/ revolutionary stuff. With JADEHELM/ AI news made out to be a kind of Skynet. And DW talking about negative greeting in gritty technical sense rather than emotional sense as just recently.

Uranus, going back all of that info. we think we've learned or know!

Also explaining my confusion over Blair; perhaps he is working both sides or something, some deal with China I read. Perhaps he's not a unanimous 'bad guy' in this. Which allows the pieces to fall into place easier I.e. Corbyn and EU.


The "JADE" in Jade Helm 15 is an AI software program:

Pentagon now using Jade Helm exercise to teach Jade Helm to kill humans:

Tony Blair Given Sensitive Foreign Office Papers Before Business Trips to China:

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