Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Power to sort out.

I just phoned her and it is not a decision I am happy with.

Very scared and I talked to a Samaritans guy and one of the questions he asked is straight up... Why don't you contact her? Which I explained but perhaps it didn't stick.

Anyway, I felt overwhelmed with the logical deduction it was the obvious thing to do and I did, I let it phone for three rings, felt stupid and switched it off, and considered throwing my phone into the bin. (Changing simcard, as though that would help.)

I felt I had been moved into simply a different set of rules and where reality functions differently briefly.

It has made me consider two things:

A) The situation I have outlined is true and I am unable to sort it out,

B) The situation I have previously outlined is false and I am unable to sort it out.

It also makes me wonder how positive I am, but that may have been 'others thoughts'.

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