Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The Inputs.

For me at the moment the inputs are getting a bit too many, and the amount of technical information I am sifting through just living normal life.

It is fine though. I forget what it is I was trying to blog about. I think just a bit of an expression of thoughts:

A) I wonder if, in relation to Corey's testimony, whether I got diabetes to stop being 'noticed' when I was young. This is a bit of a strange idea but my type 1 diabetes lowers my somewhat 'impressive' (to boast) psychic tendencies. BM's high and it all goes. I always expected to be 'noticed' when I was young for my intellect but I probably wasn't because of this tendency, if I indeed would have been.

B) Greece... Yeah, they are going to have to do quite a lot to push that whole deal through, voting Greece, voting all nations, convince the more-often-than-not suspiciously helpful to the good guys IMF.(Benjamin Fulfords information on IMF that he later basically denied I suspect is the reason for this.) But on Greek deal, even if they do push it through you've got Spain, France in line. Brexit, and hundreds of potential black swans.

C) Essentially, although I do not think it likely I am being at all attacked I have had health problems that are coincidentally getting in the way. Some basic organisational skills should solve this.

D) Many of the patients of the NHS will die if there are such problems that extra water and food is needed.

E) Things are going a little well for me personally. I am struggling to get back onto any real spirituality but volunteering again has lifted me slightly. Basic organisational skills.

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