Monday, 6 July 2015

My definition of the term 'neo liberal'.

A) Using abstract ideas, usually of 'tolerance', to insist on things from others, usually unreasonable things.

B) The shadowy activities of groups of people, thought of as too sophisticated and complex for their motives to be understood. (I.e. what are all the corporates up to) which has it's defence in the mainstream political views which the populace are brainwashed with.

So for A. In accord with the LoO marriage is not particularly useful and was even pointed to as a 'perverse' relationship. Marriage is a legal contract between two people where one person essentially owns another one. This is not hard to see if you take the blinkers down and think of it outside our culture.

Others of these are i) Being made to recognise a 'man' as a 'woman' when on a psychic level this is nuts. Perhaps it would be OK if you could clone and transfer consciousness and make the necessary changes to the energy field but we are not there yet.

ii) When uncomfortable sexual practices are requested and demanded under the justification of 'satisfying sexual needs'.

Also, offering new age ideas when a person has a real problem and thinking of oneself as 'above' others for this reason. This is also used in political life. I saw someone on Question Time say the most condescending words to another which was 'just because you percieve that something is a problem, doesn't mean it is'. This same view can be used from new agers in 'rather than see this is a problem, give in to the infinite love' or some other misinterpreted and unhelpful view.

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