Monday, 27 July 2015

The misinterpretation of magick.

Just wanted to put this somewhere public, energy concerns.

About ten years ago or more I was just waking up into the real world, I had had my 'moronic' phase of not really having any reference point and being obsessed with fantasy novels as one of the only ways to experience the world I knew to be real. I then experienced a semi moronic phase of playing loads of computer games. Then, after a while I experienced a sensible phase of being into all sorts of new age stuff!

But I still did not really have a personality that I could comfortably relate to the world with, and so I would spend a lot of time reading about psychology etc. Self help. I also was very VERY interested in magick.

One of the pieces of information I came across when looking for information on how to SLEEP BETTER, was info. on 'psychic seduction'; and, without really thinking it through properly I did one of the processes on a girl I was interested in. I tried to void it almost immediately.

A few years later when things started going wrong I blamed this process for the things that were happening in my life but it is clear to me that this was a bit silly. Even though such magicks do exist I was unpracticed and had little to no intention of seriously doing anything. It was basically a visualisation I believed in.

The girl did seem to be very interested in me in some strange way but not in any way even similar to a normal interaction. Regardless, I said to her over facebook some stuff when I just got out of hospital about this that I really believed. It was probably good to admit it but how effective it was is doubtful and to say that it was my psychicness that got her interested in me (in whatever way she was), criminalises any positive feeling she did have for me. So I have stated this online, and for obvious reasons, won't be contacting her on this update.

I was into very interesting spiritual work while I knew her so even if that was not the thing that screwed up the situation in some way, there is always a chance that when you contact positive spirits (not deliberately) you contact negative ones that have a beef with the positive ones, and positive energy and enlightenment type stuff in general.

I also said in those messages that I 'released her' and I felt like I have, I had not really thought of her since those mesages.

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