Thursday, 30 July 2015

Laying it all out.

The next thing I need to know is... Am I going to die or aren't I? (I can't really do anything to plan the rest of my life without this important fact!)

The girl that I have been talking about has been obsessed with soulmates her whole life, I have felt, due to unbelievable guidance that results in hellish pain if it is not followed, that I was this person.

If you cannot make a relationship work under these circumstances then you are surely fucked. I cannot see a way that you would go on living under these circumstances. I've not received more than a smidgeon of positive emotions like compassion etc. from her (Definitely nothing even close to desire, in fact proven desire for others of a different type). But I have received an overabundance of being ignored and cruelty (of being aware of the result of her actions and still being fine with it).

I can't exactly live without the guidance that connects me with her. I can't see any point, neither do I see the possibility of anything retributive, like sending her, or others, to jail.

So what's the point. My life is just going to be a hollowed out shell. I can't exactly date someone else when my intuition doesn't guide me to them.

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