Thursday, 16 July 2015

Carla's Chart For Real.

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It's Carla's birthday. I have felt a massive increase in positive energy and coincidentally my last blog was on astrology. This is something that I have had many synchronicities to. Including seeing planets etc.

So here is her chart. I recall when I tried to do it before I had a hypo while I was doing it. Anyway, here goes. It is not a chart without it's complexities. However, these are 'organic'. I have seen some charts where the complexities is not organic and the different parts of the chart are completely at odds with each other.

I also feel a sense of apprehension about going up in vibration. This is good. It shows me a part of myself shrouded in darkness, but this is how it is.

To first note, Don Elkins chart in synastry, his Pluto sits on top of Carla's Sun. This largely characterised their relationship. It's the thing that indicates that she would want to 'see inside him', things may be 'hidden'. And what he meant for her was emotional depth and darkness.

It's a very loving chart. It obviously centers around this moon in Capricorn in the sixth house. Intimating a woman who has an ambitious energy towards what may be called 'service to others' (6th house). The moon is our life long obsession, it is where we are pulled. It will not be silenced.

This is inconjunct Uranus and Pluto, which means that the Uranian impulse, of sciency kind of eccentricity sometimes including UFO's. And the dark emotionally deep impulse, such as psychological depths, would be included in this service but NOT DIRECTLY. I am learning. This is such a great chart.

There is an Earth Trine between the Moon, Mars and Venus. This is a very strong energy. It is like this person has a strong 'back bone' and in some way their energy cannot be moved. Strong willed, as Cancers very often are.

Mars is in the tenth house. This persons would have to push a little, perhaps even 'fight', in the main way that she relates to the world as in her 'vocation'. This is in earthy Taurus and may have a monetary element to it.

The bi- quintile between the Moon as outlined, and Neptune on the edge of Virgo, going into Libra. Moon Neptune bi- quintile is another one we 'keep returning to'. Bi quintiles also tend to produce information. Mars Neptune has a reputation for 'black magic'. All it means is that there is a need to push, with things in relation to the fuzzy, metaphysical stuff.

Sun and Mercury are in conjunction. In Cancer which is a loving, sensitive and sensual sign. The Sun is almost unaspected but the rest of the chart is aspected somewhat tightly. With the earth trine there, there is little 'flexibility'. There is a lack of fluidity in this chart. Heavy tension with the amount of squares.

To be honest. It seems to me quite remarkable Carla did turn out like she has, so loving. Saturn is in a very weak square with Neptune. A kind of discipline of these psychic matters which would be a little harsh.

I wonder if this is because sexual energies cannot come through me so I am not percieving her correctly? Astrology is clearly not the whole preson here because the chart that I am viewing is a little off the person that I remember from Llresearch.

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