Thursday, 9 July 2015

Comment on 'global events'.

You know, this is going to sound directly weird, but many times when I say these things online they reflect back to me in some way, it is not something I truly believe but it is something I notice, I get a slightly uncomfortable 'watched' feeling from it but I basically don't mind. I see it as an inevitable part of some sort of structure I, and we all, are hooked into on a 'global level'.

Bear in mind I am NOT saying people are reading this blog and basing their decisions on it. That would really be pushing things a little too far. I am saying there is some sort of correlation and one of them is when I came on here saying something in line with 'forgive the Illuminati so 3ders don't have to face anything weird.' Something I felt quite strongly and then in Corey's following post the neg representative basically said the same thing. I.e. people's 'religions' etc.

There are other times of this. Journalists, patterns and sometimes when I comment a noticeable LACK of any response, from politically based people that could be reading here. Or someone who still speaks from themselves and answers in a slightly different way.

Anyway, this is something I notice and do not comment upon. I feel it as an 'energy' seeing it in the world and feel it is that 'energy' I am communicating with, not individuals. But when I read the most recent info. On what Corey had to say I knew I would be offering my opinion. Such as it is I didn't know what it would be yet. And I have gotten right ear ringing since doing this. I believe it is karmically perhaps not best to say that but feel like jelly writing this post.

So, the bad guys have said. Yes we are so big and scary that we are going to create real trouble if you don't let us run away. (I can't be non self conscious enough to just be blunt anymore). What I have to say is, if my opinion is relevant and it may be on a purely 'earth-person-expressing-view-free-will' concern. Is first you have to look at any evidence these people have that they do in fact have any power here. It sounded like in the exopolitics write up minds have been made up. But the negative only ever seem to lie. Only ever seem to bluff. I was told once in a dream, after a time of bizarreness/ lack of sleep etc. That if I did x which was abstract and was a behaviour I felt trapped in, that I would be locked in my head for the rest of my life in a kind of retarded state. Well, I'm still here, it did not happen. It was a lie.

My dreadful fears of the STO energy from the LoO and meditation and astrology etc. Being converted into negative energy and blocked expressed themselves in a completely different way, if at all, if it was even a justified fear.

So yeah, what can they do really? Is this another case similar to the security services when asked about what justifies their snooping 'Oh you don't know, we know better, be quiet'? What do you know? Uh, you're not sharing huh? What about the rules. Because of their efforts most of humanity doesn't know they exist. Can they just land their ships and laser people. I think not. They can fly little black cubes in the sky. Anyone I know apart from one twitter girl notice these kinds of things. No, no one notices who didn't notice before. Free will hasn't allowed any new behaviours, and you haven't lasered people so far even though they have the capability.

So offer up the proof. Run it past the positive ET's that know about these things. These Draco's are LIARS.

(So I don't 'condescend to my readers', I suppose it may simply be that people all over the place are reading this blog and comments I write occasionally, and that I am guided in the same way those people's guidance is guiding them'. I once checked a hit counter at the bottom of this blog and it was in the five figures, I don't check it anymore. My other blog (for google blog, this blog) does not have nearly so many.)

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