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Breaking the postage stamp consensus.

I'm trying to write this blog but it's just not coming out. I fear that spending too much of my energy on astrology forums is not a good idea.

It has got to the point where my attempt to find the truth about certain things and my rejection of mainstream wisdom is upsetting a very inflexible group of people! I don't want astrology forums to become like Netflix... Just a waste of time!

This was partly what was in my mind yesterday when I wrote a blog about 'stupid people'. I have often thought that people that understand astrology must be intelligent... However, on one of these forums people just stopped commenting and all I would get in a thread on the general election was pro- EU and subtly liberal responses. When I went back there there was some conversation (about diabetes not politics) and then I talked a bit about the transits in relation to the EU negotiation... Again, no responses, except two. One from one person I did like there and another from someone who was apparently anti EU, and who started to just become a troll when I questioned him on things he was insisting on are truth with no reasoning. Comparing them to my alternative view to his and with a lot of reasoning and the guy just dissolved into a troll. (If there are so many right wingers voting... Where are they?)

Now the forum, as though in protest that there is someone on it who does not regurgitate their more mainstream view without question, has simply stopped posting. As happened before. (But when I went back they were posting actively!)

For whatever reason, and it might be because people are overworked or that more successful people are not on astrology forums, these groups of people (referring to a second forum) seem to be incapable of any conversation and start to get weird and nitpicky when you explain truths that they are evidently not looking at. These are long sets of reasoning interspersed with words such as 'it seems to me' and 'from my perspective'. But people cannot take that unless it agrees with a textbook discussion of a planet!

Things feel just intuitively very dark all the time at the moment for me! If it is possible to get a psychic impression of what others are feeling I feel that others have a kind of blunt rage and cannot see past that!

It seems to me that the cult of normality has gained real ascendancy recently. There was:

A) A period when we were obviously being oppressed and just needed out of the EU and Obama out of office and there was a lot of excitement. There was bad feeling but also excitement that something could positively change

B) This meant that there was a real feel in the air that the normies were going to get a roasting. Politics was infringing into the everyday world like it does eventually have to for any real change to happen. The liberals screaming fear that mummy government was going to dissolve and people would be uncontrolled and happy (and with a meritocracy), was palpable.

C) However, change did not continue. Rather than continuing to upset the liberal order and confronting them with an anti Islam Geert Wilders, things slunk back into how they were. Article 50 took ages to trigger which has dampened the interest and revolutionary feel to it somewhat, Trump has either made, or appeared to make, concessions to the globalists ref: Syria.

So the cult of normality, the postage stamp consensus, the liberals feeling of their own power was re- asserted. With it being re- asserted was a confidence in the arrogant minds of all the believers in the postage stamp consensus, that even though it is threatened, things will stay as they are and will not change.

But this feel of it not changing now seems stronger than it was at (A). Because it has been challenged and adapted to beat an enemy, it seems all the more relentless. Information that would threaten that consensus is easier for them to guard against.

Anyway, this means that when the change does come about, it will be more traumatic! Because there will be a more sudden break of the cult of normality having been a stronger energy keeping it in place!

There is some news on the steps I outlined yesterday:
As I might mention most days in future, there are still three things that can actually change something and they are not happening. Lets count this as day 1 when none of these are happening: 
A) Any new information and updates on this Nazca body on Gaia.
B) Any new headway on the Brexit negotiations.
C) Any new arrests of the DNC members in America, such as Loretta Lynch who is being investigated for stunting a previous investigation into Hillary Clinton.
On the EU negotiations, there is a meeting every month. If a politician is asked that's what they will say, we will discuss the next issue at the meeting.

This, from my perspective, is unlikely to offer change at the next meeting or for the foreseeable future. They will definitely not do something physical that will effect us soon, like stop unskilled immigration!

However, here is an update on the Nazca body and an explanation of why the left side of the CAT scan had 1997 as a date:

So if they actually are updating people as they find things out, that is a lot different than having had the body for years and releasing it strategically now, that changes the time factor a little!

Dreams and sexuality in the golden age:

Yesterday I posted this on an astrology thread about an Aquarian woman:

Tonight I had a dream about meeting a young girl and basically dissolving into her/ having sex with her in a public place. She was lovely, her skin was very white (I might know who that is), she had a red dress on. She did not look like Millie Weaver but was probably around the same age.

When I went onto Millie Weavers website today at the top of it she is doing interviews, in a red dress! I link these two.

So these are my thoughts. When society awakens and suddenly the cabal is facing the floor, several things are going to abruptly change, I do not know if, in relation to David Wilcocks research we will suddenly ascend or suddenly have to go and live underground because of the radiation from the sun.

But assuming those two things don't happen, several things are going to change for people. Consider these six questions (from Gregg Bradens show, Episode 2 missing links about 18 minutes):

What is our origin?
What is the origin of humanity?
What is our relationship with our body?
What is our relationship with the world?
What is our relationship to our past?
What are the natural/ metaphysical laws ruling things?

Most of these answers when answered by the mainstream do not give answers that lead people to very good decisions. Although there is awareness, sometimes intuitive with a lot of these questions, and sometimes there are answers but not all the way, in the case of several new age belief systems for instance.

In the event of big societal change what many people believed about every single one of these things will be completely changed and be unrecognisable from the original belief! Especially as news comes out about our 'past'.

The belief in karma for instance is likely to change quite a bit, especially if the new ET's have strong beliefs about it.

This is just the beginning, now consider how this new belief system is going to impact on these several things:

A) How many men are fathering children who aren't theirs.
B) How many people have cheated and it is not known to their partners but will become known with more truthfulness and psychic insight.
C) How many people standing on the sidelines that did not even take part in these behaviours will be damaged by these revelations. (I.e. those who helped cover up the behaviour)
D) How many people are justifiably angry at someone who has behaved badly in some other way in this toxic society? (How many women have made false rape claims and not been punished? How many women have taken advantage of unfair court practices in an emotional, and unjustifiable, need for revenge because a man does not desire them?)
E) How many people have soulmates or people important for their life paths that have died?
F) How will mothers and fathers deal with the revelations their children were killed by satanists?
G) How will war torn areas recover?
H) How many domestic abuse victims will want justice? What if some survivors develop psychic abilities able to harm others?

And so on and so on! There are a lot more of these questions.


How many people are in relationships that just do not suit them? I believe in density with density and I rarely see matching densities! In my mind more than 50% of relationships need an immediate break up with more personal insight.

So that's before we get to anything more positive, and this is where I wanted to end:

How do we go from all this to simply having a good experience? Sex is complicated because a lot of people have fantasies they could not do in real life... How does everyone get all the way to the end point of having satisfactory relationships and life paths after all this? Is it a hopeless game?

On top of potentially having to relocate are people meant to navigate personal problems, and then find the right partner and have satisfying sexual relationships?

The whole thing to me seems like a joke.

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