Sunday, 9 October 2016

Where did the justice go?

The feeling that bad people will not get what's coming for them is a very bad one. When people do something deliberately cruel, messing up the lives of those people around them, or ours personally. Something innate inside wants to see some sort of blowback go to them. That those behaviours, now done and not able to be taken back, should be held up and validated. That the person involved 'did do xyz' and that because of xyz, their is retribution, and/ or justice. A real physical consequence to their actions such as jail or execution. Not an apology and an excuse for the person to be let off, perhaps to spare whatever human shield they put in the way, but a material consequence.

This cause and effect, karmic justice does not seem to be happening at the moment; more than that, with a 'conspiracy' so determined to make sure the system stays running exactly as it is, and that there is no court case for evildoers or shift of perspectives, it brings a feeling of futility because every day there is a concerted, and very successful effort to rig the markets, to influence political opinion away from the truth, and to keep material conditions in exactly the way they currently are.

Watching the markets go up on bad economic news, or clearly being rigged up on any news, for instance; is a depressing experience if you are of the opinion that A) they should fail, they deserve to fail because there is too much debt in the system and the economy is in a dreadful state and B) If and when it does fail, you might experience some sort of freedom and the suffering of you and others will stop.

So, added on to my previous point on Deutsche bank that they have absolutely nowhere to go. Either the shares fall onto insolvency. Or it is a bail in or bail out... Either of which could have a knock on effect and destroy the world economy.

I forgot, there is another option. If Deutsche bank and the Americans can convince the public that there has been some spectacular deal and all is well they could easily keep this game going for a lot longer. If the DOJ calls off the Deutsche bank fine it will all rally and everything will continue on as normal. Of course, Deutsche bank has been plummeting anyway before this $14 Billion deal; but markets at the moment are not logical like that. Any excuse and you get a rally.

It's interesting. If the stocks do continue to plummet it will be very satisfying to see policy makers being forced to act, rather than just can kicking. It is not likely they will act in my view. But eventually, this year, next year or the one after, something will change and this arrogant can kicking mentality will disappear like a fart in the wind.

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