Friday, 7 October 2016

Little things in the miasma of not very much.

This moon cycle, the opening square is over Pluto! This is on Sunday... Exciting times?

Not much seems to be happening politically. We are awaiting the next leg of Deutsche bank saga.

Someone remarked to me that at the moment nothing seems to be working properly.

However, on a personal level I got an interesting experience, waking up this morning thinking how there would never be justice against some of the people from my past there was an assortment of 'clicks' in my room. They got closer and when I lifted up my bag to see if it was an animal when the bag 'clicked' I saw the next click on the cardboard underneath. Then it seemed to go upstairs.

It made me feel that there are metaphysical concerns here. So the results will be the result of those metaphysical concerns. Not the preference of certain individuals.

Someone at work has previously been into prepping which is very interesting, might write up a quick message about what I am prepping for.

31 days until the US Presidential Election!

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