Sunday, 16 October 2016

Spiritual practice.

So, my spiritual practice involves a few different things. Non masturbation, looking after myself, avoiding certain distractions.

Looking after myself has involved not having certain foods including alcohol. But last night I broke that.

I did this because I was at a leaving do for someone and my voice died on me, not too bad but enough to stop me comfortably speaking. I also was not saying much really. My intuition seemed to be telling me to get a glass of wine so I did (wine is the only alcohol I really enjoy). My voice came back immediately from the sense of relaxation a glass of wine can give. It was that or I would have had to leave and that would have been miserable for a leaving do for someone I liked and that I may very well never see again. Plus my work colleagues deserve some consideration :).

I have had almost zero bad effects from it. I don't know what to do in future but I retain my discomfort with alcohol and I have no need to engage in the liberal illusion for a 'life'. I.e. going out drinking with 'friends'.

Had I been able to go in the life I believe I was destined for then I may have been able to escape these problems. But this is where I am.

On the general front of 'news' we are still waiting for the Trump election. There has been nothing. Very frustratingly nothing! Nothing on Breitbart, or Zerohedge, or Daily Express. Hope itself seems to be fading while we await Trump!

Anyway, things continue as normal. Over and out!

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