Thursday, 27 October 2016

Neptune, STS power games.

I talked before about the new moon coming up on the 30th of October, and how it effects my personal chart.

This personal moon cycle includes within it the likely election of the US presidential candidate Donald Trump (positive), or a conversely negatively orientated option of Hillary Clinton.

Although I did notice some aspects of the new moon in my last post on the subject, I recently looked at the chart again and noticed Neptune:

There we have the Sun and the moon becoming new at 7deg Scorpio. TRINE Neptune at 9 degrees Pisces, I did see Mercury.

I have said before, after noticing that Neptune is currently transiting over Twitters Uranus, that Neptune is where this social justice phenomena is coming from and it is also where Extra Terrestrial info is linked as well, and that info is a prerequisite to actually meeting them.

But how do these two things link? How does 'social justice' destroy Extra Terrestrial info?

Cayce used to say that Neptune was linked with the sacral chakra that I didn't initially understand. But it makes sense.

The sacral chakra is where we accept things or choose not to. The sacral is also obviously collective (i.e. collective planet). To me this is rather like two people noting there is physical chemistry between them and that this is positive or pleasurable in some way or indulging in it's negative opposite of lack of acceptance that might be called feminism or other social justice information.

Where this links to Extra Terrestrials is in two places: A) They are a part of our animalistic collective tribe even though they are 'not of this world'. And more correctly, some who identify themselves as extra terrestrial are actually from this world. Those who push hardest that they are extra terrestrial being the ones more likely of the 'breakaway civilisations'. B) If you were to accept the world as it is you might decide that Extra Terrestrials exist as self evident.

These are just guesses, working with Neptune is never easy.

Interestingly though this area does hold some interesting notes about the 'unseen realm' that Neptune seems to occupy. That if there is a chemistry between people and they decide to adopt a concept to avoid it's manifestation of affection then that is something that happens in the unseen realm. An emotional decision not directly provable. (Although usually that everyone knows).

Service to Self patterns:

During a recent blog I noted how the propaganda of Nazi Germany towards the end of the war was exactly the same as the Remain campaign (that is furthermore exactly the same as Hillary's)

A pattern I have seen consistently in life is that people are unable to really let go of things, especially where big crimes are involved, and often end up campaigning their whole lives against abuse they have suffered, a case in point might be this guy, that has worked against the Clintons for 28 years.

We know from Corey and David Wilcock that the Nazi's that escaped didn't die, they escaped and were aided by negative ET's and infested the upper echelons of the American administration. (Which is of course the same thing as the European Union administration).

Therefore, the people that initially tried to create a European superstate ruled by Germany and themselves may have been the exact ones doing it again.

This may be why the negative beings surrounding Carla did not give up. The very act of not being dominated by a negative being causes them to lose polarity and they attempt to gain that polarity again by scheming to overthrow that person. Once they have made that attempt they cannot let up.

Interesting huh!

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