Friday, 21 October 2016

Greasing the skids.

I am exhausted to a level I have rarely felt before. A long term tiredness rather than short term.

So only a quick post today.

Firstly, market stuff is still very interesting. The Euro broke it's lower resistance as though it was not there today and the rigging has not been happening. VIX is slammed and nothings happening. Because something in the market is not working as it has for the past few years.

Secondly, I have been thinking about this whole feminist and society thing. Surely alienating male and female relationships may lead to less bonding. Feminists don't really give much when they are young for obvious reasons then they expect to have children at about 30 as though they had not been living under a deliberate hate campaign for the first section of their lives.

However, for men the trade is different. Men want women when they are younger and then their sex drive peters off as they grow older (most do anyway). Essentially, men create bonding, and start considering what women may want or not want based on their desire for sex and their biology tricking them into believing women are nice people when they may or may not be.

So if the bonding doesn't happen when younger the men will obviously display more indifference to women after they've crossed the 30 ish threshold. This is obviously why feminists like to support leftist policies and live off the state. The man who has learned to be indifferent to women now is forced to fund her lifestyle via taxation and other devices, even if he was not stupid enough to give a feminist a child.

It also makes me think of what is obvious. In the next world coming. When the 'cabal' have been jailed and such, we'll likely have an innovative free market... Will women create more networks and things? Will women grease the skids for healthy relationships to happen rather than opposing them?

Just a thought!

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