Monday, 3 October 2016

Turning off twitter a bit, liking 'Gab' at the moment.

Here is a conversation I had recently on my twitter:

Hillbot: Lol You can say whatever you want. Trump is just comedy treasure!
Hillbot: I've been in the US for the less than a year and I've already paid more taxes than Donald Trump. BOOM!
The Joe: Is paying taxes a mark of social respect now?
The Joe: What are your comment on Clinton using same tax avoidance scheme as Trump?
Hillbot: Share your legitimate source please. Trump campaign famously runs on Lies.
The Joe: This article references the exact page on Clintons tax returns (RT'd 11 times):
Hillbot: If it's so common that Clinton thought it okay to make public, why not Trump? What is he hiding?
The Joe: So you don't have any comment on Clinton using the same tax trick then?
Hillbot: Lol the premise of your argument is based on missing foundations. Are you stating Clinton dint pay income taxs bcz she filed a loss?
Hillbot: Because if you are. You're wrong. She did pay income taxes after that. my argument is that Trump didn't pay income taxes for 18 yrs
Hillbot: If you can prove that filing a loss but still paying income taxes is worse than not paying income taxes for 18 years. Go ahead.... 
(Additional answer thread here below.)
Hillbot: That's my comment.
Hillbot: I'm just tired of doing this. Arguing with Trump supporters is like taking candy from kids. I'll respect you more if you say that =
Hillbot: If you say that Trump is a phenomenal idiot but you just want a GOP presidency. I can respect that. Don't try to defend a dumb clown
The Joe: Lol. I can respect you if you agree with me? Why would I care about your respect?
The Joe: What's bad is the hypocrisy of whining about others doing something you yourself are doing.

Additional thread:
The Joe: Worse? Did I ever state that not paying taxes is bad? You are imputing your moral code.
The Joe: Taxation is theft.
Hillbot: Tax is theft? okay. You're one of the people who hate govt, but use all govt handouts and services... Nice talking to you. Bye.
The Joe: Even if I do. Tax is basically government puts a gun to someone and says 'you have to pay this'.
(I modified this for readerbility by putting capitals at the beginning of sentences, no other changes were made)

Throughout this twitter conversation I was fighting this guy, obviously. For instance, the 'share your source' bit was a direct challenge, he didn't think I had one. He purports to be a tax expert by talking about Clinton 'filing a loss' when he has no idea what he's talking about (a common theme on twitter), the response to the sharing of the tax article, the guy tries to dodge the direct question and bring it back to Trump, that is predictable and low.

There gets a point with some of these very passive aggressive people where you are talking to them and they are not responding. You make your point and at some point you hit a nerve and you come back to many notifications on your twitter. On both the threads, even though I made not one personal attack, as I rarely do. This guy starts with the attacks 'phenomenal idiot' (later update, major error on my part the guy was referring to Trump not me!). This from many people often when I am proving knowledge far in advance of theirs.

The conversations are also getting circular and very 'samey'. Gab however, if you go along there and everyone is 'speaking freely' without the video evidence and other things to respond to attacks from neoliberals. No going on a thread and seeing someone attack another person and just feeling it isn't right. Just original and interesting people. Many of their names start with 'deplorable'!

Kind of boring the twitter conversation isn't it? What I am trying to illustrate here is that these are the users twitter most prefers. There is very little case for Hillary in my opinion. The center of her foreign policy is to create a no fly zone over Syria. Creating a no fly zone over a country America has zero, ZERO legal jurisdiction. They have not been invited into Syria. The Syrians do not want them there. 

Because of this Russia is now doing nuclear drills for the possible event of war with the United States. Perhaps these are doubling up as potential preparation for a global financial/ societal collapse.

Where this relates to twitter is that twitter is really promoting the Hillbots by censoring their political opposition. Milo getting thrown off. The creator of Dilbert recently for some very astute political observations. Many other libertarian/ alt- right commentators are thrown off or shadow banned or something.

So we are left here arguing with Hillbots and remainers/ whoever. Who are kind of 'rented'. They are renting the space of a believable political opposition, because they have not 'brought' it through political argument. They have gained it through censorship. Twitter stacks the deck.

I think this means that in the future this blog may get less views, I think a lot of them come through my twitter postings. Every so often a post at Gab seems to get 5 - 15 followers but it is very early days on Gab. I will probably still post these links to twitter but if I am not paying as much attention to the account there will be less people actively interested in my twitter. However, I am tired of twitter and genuinely not wanting to go on it anymore.

I originally went on twitter because it is politically relevant back when I was more left wing. It broadcasting about the protests on election day in the UK was very stimulating. I may go back on for some elections but I don't feel like I will.

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