Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The Centre cannot hold.

So, a very strange piece of news, and a good piece I think. Diane James has resigned as UKIP leader.

James never outlined any policies (that I was aware of at least, I did look for them on her site), she was simply elected due to her proximity to Farage, this is dangerous in my opinion because if someone does not outline any policies or perspectives before they are elected then they basically have free licence to do what they want, no one knows what they're thinking. She could have legitimately taken UKIP apart and put it into administration and UKIP members that voted for her would have no justification to protest.

The fact UKIP members did elect Diane under those conditions though, means I don't have a great faith in the parties mechanisms for choosing its new leader. The supporters seem to be followers rather than freedom focused individuals that make their own decisions.

Her own statement is that she had no power in UKIP to effect policy as leader. I can't comment there clearly.

Theresa May is doing well also, although I do personally wonder if Article 50 could have been triggered earlier. Enshrining EU law into our own law means that it will be yet more time before global warming legislation that has a destructive effect on our country is removed. Many members have left UKIP to join the Conservatives now I have heard, perhaps this is where the freedom minded individuals went.

I wonder if UKIP knows something and if this decision isn't more strategic than it appears. Is there going to be a new general election for instance?

Interesting news though is that the EU is having a lot of diplomatic problems:

Daily Express: 'This is NOT how Europe works!' EU war of words with Hungary after humiliating referendum

Daily Express: EU CIVIL WAR: Brussels told by MEPs it's ‘ABSURD’ to freeze Spain and Portugal's funds

Daily Express: Italy set for SHOWDOWN with Germany over Deutsche Bank’s rescue package

So, after Greece comes Spain, Portugal and Italy... Who are not achieving the results the EU wants. The EU/ Germany have set these rules, you must do xyz for a bailout. Now Germany is in trouble it is looking to flout these rules itself. Even though there is some clever legal wording behind it saying that the German situation is different from the Italian one, as it applies to reality and what the situation looks like and people feel it to be, this doesn't matter much. Germany is not following the rules it laid down for other nations if it follows through with a taxpayer funded bailout.

Every day this situation gets worse, it does not get better. This means things are going to break down eventually.

Futures are down. This problem with Deutsche bank is effecting the market. There has to be something done soon. Three choices, either bail out Deutsche and have MAJOR political fallout, do not bail out Deutsche and see the shares fall, or bail in Deutsche.

Benjamin Fulford said he was looking at change for the end of the month... Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps!

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