Wednesday, 26 October 2016

UKIP leadership, feminism, psychic powers in societies future.

Well, things plod on.

I read a piece in Guido Fawkes the other day about a poll conducted that put Paul Nutall ahead at 42 points. Then Suzanne Evans and finally Raheem Kassam in third place. However, Breitbart went into these figures and it seems like it is just another establishment stitch up:

Breitbart London: Times Newspaper Uses Hand Selected UKIP Councillors To Boost Paul Nuttall Leadership Bid

Well you are judged by the strength of your enemies. RAHEEM IS THE MAN!

The Express did a piece on Theresa May today giving a speech to Goldman Sachs from the 'remain' perspective. This is not particularly damning in my view, because you tell those sort of rich snobs what they want to hear. But the home office suppressing reports on Muslim integration, or lack thereof is related to the government and the anti Russia hysteria is also. Theresa is looking like a bit of a globalist and perhaps the EU negotiations will go well, or perhaps they are being stalled deliberately. Us on the ground here have no way of knowing.

Yesterday, I saw this video:

This video summarises another in which a feminist investigates feminist groups and mens rights groups and slowly comes to the realisation that feminism is a hate cult (cult is actually the word she uses). She found that when she brought up issues with feminists (the example was male suicide) they would tut or roll their eyes and not care about men. However, when she brought up womens issues with mens rights groups they did have concern. 

As I was watching this the moon was precisely positioned over the North node that I thought was interesting.

It feels very true that piece of information. That there are certain women, particularly those that identify as feminists that simply do not care about what men might be feeling about one thing or another. This is why the feminists like to campaign that women should always be believed. Because they have no concern for how men might feel if they are unjustly accused!

I have talked about this before.

One last thought related to this, and if you have not seen them yet my impression is that some of these are highly amusing:

One of the points I am making is about this negative character, Darth Sidious. He seems so unbelievably indestructible as he did through the Star Wars series. He stands against Yoda and wins, he manipulates the rebels masterfully. His telekinetic powers and strength over the force is masterful.

It strikes me that there are probably negative adepts with similar powers. And positive adepts with even more in the situation we live in when you take into account the Extra terrestrial races we are in contact with at the moment.

If even ONE of these entities is exposed to the world, perhaps as a negative being going on trial. EVERYTHING will change. Or more precisely, some things will change and people who are ahead of the curve will become more powerful. But nothing ever really changes. People will still be what they are. Just now with other awarenesses and potentially powers.

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