Saturday, 15 October 2016

It's all just going to carry on.

I had the idea, which I will probably do, of dropping this on an acquiantance that teaches astrology with the words: I'm sure things will de- escalate from here on out:

Because, this is the full moon. And things definitely are not going to de- escalate. As we carry on the closing of this new moon Mars crosses Pluto and starts to head to a square with Uranus. The aggressive push continues. Saturn squared with the North node. There is a lot in these charts now and to follow.

Things have escalated to the point of becoming pretty intense. The liberal paradigm has become stretched and ridiculous. Shouting lies in the wind to the utmost extent. It's like society is dissolving.

Even the people on the right side are lying. Like the Express taking the US propaganda side on the issue of Russia. Mainstream and semi- mainstream has more problem with that than they do with Trump or Brexit.

But on the ground of course it is not dissolving. People have convinced themselves that everything is normal. That the Brexit and Trump can be dismissed with the label 'racist'. That there is no one opposing them. That they are in the majority.

I have received a message of sorts which could be interpreted as a kind of fantastic coincidence but I don't believe it is. The message may have been, most likely is, to keep prepping, and that I'm on the right track.

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