Thursday, 13 October 2016

Market down. All sorts of revolutionary undercurrents.

DOW futures are down 99 points and the FTSE is currently down 66. Although the economic narrative will be that this Unilever problem, and problems with the pound, are driving this. It would not be happening on both these markets. It is a big downturn of all markets possibly related to Deutsche bank or the American election.

So we are back in business.

Going on Gab is like getting the inside info on a secret agent portal, not much information in comparison to a real one but the information flows freely. Consider this which I saw on their the other day:

When I was on Bring4th there was a guy there that talked about being in league with the forces that are intending to overthrow the establishment in America, he talked about common law... His model is exactly the same as this anonymous character who also talked about a week about Ted Cruz being too much of a liar before information on Ted Cruz came to the fore:

Anonymous have been a somewhat boring entity influenced by the hard left. But this is not the same and both of these potential developments have a common connection to positive elements of the American military.

It talks about creating leadership structures restricted to certain geographics and not centralised. I would like to create a group like this based on the common preparation and commitment to certain unified behaviours for the public good in the case of one or two semi likely occurrences. One being an economic crash, and two being any potential war with Russia. Russia is making preparations in this direction according to news sources.

I have no idea where to start. I may talk about it with the other prepper I know but I perhaps will not, I don't see him often.

Any efforts of outreach usually lead to the same Marxist whinos in my area, that had one of the highest remain votes in England. So who knows. These people are against anything hinting of conspiracy and not being dependent upon big Mommy government.

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