Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Everyday complicity


So, we have news on Julian Assange:

Yournewswire: Fears Grow Julian Assange Was Extradited On ‘Guantanamo Express’

Somewhat disturbing, if true, and there is definitely something amiss with no word from Julian or the Ecuadorian embassy. If true, it means that a diplomatic scandal should theoretically be in the making.

The Americans cannot go into the Ecuadorian embassy and abduct a person within those grounds. This should create fallout between Ecuador and the United States, Ecuador and the UK if they were complicit; and the UK and the US if the UK was not. (Which is unlikely).

Which is probably why there is no news. It is all quiet. How long can they keep it quiet? Even infowars does not seem overly bothered! Why is wikileaks themselves not making any statements. I suppose it is possible even they do not know.

Everyday complicity and 'rape culture'.

This video explains an interesting perspective on 'rape culture'.

It explains how a woman, a personal acquaintance of this person, got drunk, slept with a guy and told everyone she was raped by him. She told everyone and even his own parents turned against him... Scum. (Mostly, I mean the parents)

Which is also shown in this article here:

Rather than take the complaint seriously, the officer told Kaitlyn’s mother that she was a known prostitute. “He told my mum to leave me to it, that I would stop when I’m ready. And he told me that they couldn’t offer protection if I gave a statement.” She doesn’t recall whether he gave a reason why.
At 16 years old Kaitlyn was evicted from the family house by her mother, who feared for her own safety and that of Kaitlyn’s younger brother. Kaitlyn moved into a youth hostel where the abuse continued.
It is amazing, there is some truth to the idea that the 'cabal' put forward that people deserve to be conquered if they make it so easy. If groups of (probably English) people defended this young girl from this sort of behaviour it would not happen. As it is even her family abandon her.

Still waiting on that karma!

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