Monday, 31 October 2016

Halloween, conspiracy theory and the future.

Today, I've learned from the Daily Express, Helen Mirren has come out with some virtue signalling tripe, that Brexit is a 'blow to humanity'.

This is a shame, although I'm not Helen Mirrens biggest fan I do occasionally enjoy her work. The last film I saw with her was 'Eye in the Sky'. But like Robert Downey Junior, Mark Hamill, Samuel L Jackson, Adele, Patrick Stewart and no doubt others, it is time for me to boycott Helen's work as well. (European Union and Clinton the same things).

The other day an earthquake in Italy, one of many likely designed to intimidate the Italians away from having their December 4th referendum, was 6.6 on the Richter scale and has put a crack through a famous church in Italy, it's all very metaphorical.

As this video shows, there definitely is some sort of Satanic loyalty these people have and here is David Icke's take on Halloween:

I already knew that Christmas was based on some sort of human sacrifice, the Turkey being a symbolic expression of this now. I stopped eating Turkey at Christmas after that and now go with something I enjoy... Salmon!

With the Alex Jones video on vaccines, this, and certain other things Corey has said that are even worse than even paedophilia and human sacrifice. It starts to bring into focus the massive amount of change and emotional breakdown (as perspectives shift) that the world will experience when this all comes out.

Probably why they are trying so hard to prevent this happening.

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