Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Markets. Big societal change.

I remember, not that long ago, when I used to pay attention to the markets every day. I was sure they were going to crash soon.

Yesterday the DOW tumbled 200 points. This is almost unheard of lately. It is not a big plunge really, August 2015 they went down 500 points in a day. But it is more than is happening lately. We are now down below our 2015 highs of 18,312.

At the moment it is 15 points up. I wonder if the markets are threatening the politicians somewhat. If you don't give us a bail in, or a bail out, or opportunity to manipulate Brexit etc. We will plunge? Americans have proven they are willing to kill Deutsche bank.

I've overspent a bit these past two weeks so will not be able to be buying for my prep. I still need some water purification stuff, such as Oasis tablets. It also means I will not be able to donate to either Gab or Raheem Kassam. The feeling of tiredness as well as not having money brings on a feeling of powerlessness when I see the stocks go down now, because I consider it highly likely sometime when they go down they will really go down.

Russia is doing yet more preparation for global war (or could this be global financial collapse?):

Daily Mail: Russia orders all officials to fly home any relatives living abroad, as tensions mount over the prospect of a global war

Last time the Americans warned all American military personnel back from Turkey it wasn't long before Turkey had a "coup".

Of course in the real world things just drone along like normal.

Service to self heirarchy:

I recently read this interesting article on the way the media is run, it is a disturbing read:

Emphasis ZH:
However, Sven also describes those of his coworkers who enjoyed their job. They arrived at the office with a spring in their step, a smile snaking across their faces and a mischievous glint in their eyes. These were the “talented” favorites of the outlet’s boss—unfeeling, cold assholes who would sell their own mothers for a juicy piece of gossip that they would later smear all over the website. Whenever they got a chance to write a hit piece, spread a nasty rumor or ruin someone’s life, one could almost see them light up from within. Remember all these smug, holier-than-thou, oh-so-intellectual articles churned out by rags like Salon, Dagens Nyheter and Huffington Post? You can bet your pinky finger they were (and are) written by these people.
And although the second part of this excerpt is a little discriminatory. I think this part of the article articulates very important points. These are my emphasis:
Needless to say, the outlet’s newsroom was crammed full of women, their pet cucks and, of course, Jews. The former enjoyed absolute power regardless of their position—a simple complaint to HR was enough to fire anyone, no proof required. The cucks, represented by twig-armed, piercing-laden, wispy-bearded creatures in Che Guevara shirts, were very pleased with the way things were going, sipping lattes and snitching to HR on those who expressed ideas incompatible with the narrative. Jews were in their native element in the newsroom, doing their usual “arrogant intellectual” schtick and getting promotions out of nowhere. The majority of articles bashing natives, their culture and values came from them, as later study of the newspaper’s website showed me.
This is interesting to the idea that we are living in some sort of matriarchy. That women in these situations enjoyed ABSOLUTE POWER I think is interesting. It shows something about modern sociology. It is reflected in the Michelle Fields saga that she played the victim card with no proof and expected it to be the end of Corey Lewandowski's career.

This is true of all areas of society. Two girl in my workplace recently got in a bit of a tussle. A tussle that would not bother two men, one of them made a complaint and --> poof. Gone... Fired. I saw no evidence that the one at the other end of the complaint even had her perspective listened to. Just sent home and then fired.

The media and the people at the top of the heirarchy have created these memes that go against the grain of what is natural. Corrupt organisations work mostly through the media, in an African country, I believe Uganda, the government had become incredibly corrupt and when it failed, academics looked at how such a corrupt organisation worked.

The found that money had not been going to many areas a great deal, but where the six figure numbers had been going was the media. Bribing the media. Because that is where the power is in a society. The one channel they did not bribe, a small public service channel, aired a video of the government bribing a judge and this broadcast brought the entire government down.

There have been other governments that had secret police and were tyrannical in the extreme, brought down by an angry pitchfork mob in a matter of days. (I infuriatingly can't find this at the moment). However, it happened all in a matter of weeks. The military went over to the civilian side, the secret police could not do anything against that. The leader and his wife went on the run on Christmas Eve. The civilians broke into the secret police headquarters and read all the files. The leader and his wife were put to death the day after boxing day. Before this they would have seemed unstoppable!

So, the toxic and nasty environment explained in the article on the media, where there is no fact checking only obedience to the rich and shameless establishment. This is a massive part of the heirarchy of the negative environment we find ourselves in on earth.

Perhaps karma is not so much individual as societal! I have heard that expressed by intelligent sources more than once I believed but never quite understood it.

I have been thinking recently, wouldn't it be good if there were some sort of magic energy or entity that could go through society and simply correctly punish the right people from a truthful perspective and there could not be this abuse of power briefly. But it is a stupid idea. Because I am thinking domestically but that energy would transform the whole world very quickly.

My point is that the media is the propogator of all these weird screwing up modes of society that we experiences. As we see them decline, as perhaps with a Trump Presidency, is when we will start to see change.

Ideas of how these changes will go down.

David Wilcock once talked about how this all might go down. He said that there will be a shutdown for about three weeks and there would be violent confrontations in the streets including gun fights around places the cabal are hiding out (I remember thinking, the BBC!) When it all starts up the media will be reporting real news.

That would be a big change but what I see as more likely is that the media will just flounder and the alternative media will grow bigger. Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneux (hypocrite, I found someone else censored on his forum), The Rebel etc. would grow bigger, and the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Times and the Guardian will just collapse.

Who knows? It is an interesting idea though.

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