Friday, 14 October 2016

Trump/ Jefferson similarity and liberal politics.

I can hardly keep up at the moment.

I'd like to be able to go through the latest wikileaks data dump. The six of the Podesta emails, but of course I don't have time, and no one seems to be going through them people are already exhausted. It is not trending on gab!

I have noticed one thing interesting though:


What do you think?

Personally they seem quite similar.

I'm not good with faces, and I'm not too familiar with Trumps lifeforce, but it seems that these two are fairly alike to me.

Thomas Jeffersons famous line he penned was something like 'equality for all people'. This, along with his other life facts, put him probably at the end of fifth density, where he is 'learning' the 'Law of One'.

Trump is roughly the same level. They also share a somewhat mastery of the law (Trump claiming that he uses the bankruptcy rules greatly to his favour, and talking about laws that will charge Newspapers for printing things they know not to be true for example. Jefferson was a long term lawyer.) Both share a tendency towards a certain carnal weakness one might argue. With Jefferson sleeping with a slave girl and Trump's Lewd comments and previous adultery. (Seems as though this has improved though)

To me they seem similar.


At the moment seems to be peak liberal madness. Consider:

This conversation goes on similarly.

Liberals are always claiming they are balanced and unaffected by the results of politics. That they just want the world to stop talking about it and that they are the reasonable ones. But that is just an excuse to try and stop the conversation. When they lose they howl in all sorts of anger.

And there are twenty six days until that happens once again.

The tide is still turning, previous anti Trumper on my facebook just came out against Clinton in a big way as well:

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