Thursday, 20 October 2016

Thinking of potential collapse.

This has come up on my reading list:

Zerohedge: Hidden Fragility - What Happens When The Electricity Is Off For Three Days?
Apart from the fuel distribution fiasco everything remained orderly, people remained calm and helpful and life went on. Strangers were a lot chattier with other strangers than usual ... which is good to see. I saw examples of shops extending 'unsecured credit' for small amounts of basic food items to people who had no cash on them and whose cards didn't work. No looting, no "Law Enforcement" out making trouble and plenty of sharing and cooperation
So, prepping for a market crash may be for about two weeks as David Wilcock initially said and that's a long time to go without electricity.

I am not nearly as prepped as I'd like to be.

But I am a little prepped, and in contrast to this, after Hurricane Katrina it took the citizens of New Orleans three days to devolve into looting and murder.

So considering both scenarios is no doubt helpful. Electricity going off is the thing to prep for IMO.

Of course the market isn't going to crash before the election and influence Hillary's chances in the negative.

Yesterday it struck me that the narrative can't move on until yesterdays debate, because everyone was waiting for that. Even the markets are involved in waiting for these political events. However, the debate itself was nuanced and lacking in spark, and things do not really feel as if they have moved on now either.

In the meantime, here is an advert that gives me thoughts of what a societal collapse might look like. Obviously, this being a Batman trailer the worst interpretation is chosen:

How it should have ended though had a great logical takedown of this movie which is probably easier to understand if you've seen it:

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