Sunday, 2 October 2016

Christmas is coming.

Christmas is coming, and my guess is that when it does, somehow things will still be trundling along without any great change.

I can't stand Christmas to be honest. Without any real control over my life or dominion of the positive forces over the earth (or whatever other process might correct malfunctions in mine and others life path), there is quite a lot of pretence that goes with most celebratory events. I am locked out of the interesting parts of my own mind/ spirit... and so I cannot spend time offering creative energy to celebrations like I might like to... I.e. in offering music.

Although, ironically, when things do happen, when things shift life may become very full on and I might yearn for the great periods of relatively stress free living I experience now. Events could go in many different ways including if we're honest, some sort of world war that could wipe some of us out. Or financial dislocation and societal collapse that is serious (right ear ringing). My life could end before a 'golden age'.

However, this is unlikely. and if the evil doers are arrested or dealt with in some way and powerful extra terrestrial contact and technology is released, things could go in a myriad of ways. Including fame and attention for yours truly. Me being close to the Law of One material that may become more well known in the future, and being right about the ideas in this blog? This could be a good or a bad thing, or just... A thing!

But, here we are. Theresa May is saying all the right things when it comes to Brexit, but some little synchronicity piqued my interest a little:

It's probably nothing though. Farage's Leaving speech phone number started with 0 333 666. Possibly linking the David Wilcocks 333 with 666. It makes me think of my theories on life paths and stuff. That the negative, according to the Law of One, acts outside peoples lives plans, by stealing. That means that anyone that exclusively has to confront the negative is also acting outside of a life plan in a sense? It's just a thought.

Theresa May is saying all the right things regarding Brexit at the moment. All the right things except that it can be done quickly. But then that's the difference between desire and reality! It will probably be the same with Trumps election. Things won't change immediately and there will be inner protestation like there is with the application of Brexit.

Regardless, things trundle along. Assange is going to release information via live webcam on Tuesday (the fact he cannot release it from the embassy and has to release it over the internet shows how debased our communications have become!). Hungary had a vote on migrant quotas today that was rejected 92%. Turnout was lower than the 50% threshold needed to make the vote into law but that was not the point. the point is to state that there is a democratic mandate to oppose migrant quotas.

Germany has a bank holiday on Monday so we will not see anymore from Deutsche bank on that day most likely. I'm looking forward to seeing how Benjamin Fulford explains that nothing happened either this week or the next. (Maybe the Chinese have a god complex that means they give inaccurate information?)... Just a thought!

(Interesting note, one of Corbyns new recruits may be Damian McBride. This would be an interesting person because he is honest about how the crash may 1) happen and 2) effect people. The people like politicians that can relate directly to the people like McBride seems to be able to.)

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