Friday, 28 October 2016

Serious prepping blog. International politics situation.

One writer I once read, Richard Bach once said that the compulsion to write is like sitting there peacefully, and a big muscly man breaks the whole front of the house down, comes up to you, lifts you up by the scruff of the neck and says: WRITE!

That's how I feel now. I was peacefully getting ready for work tomorrow and eating soup with chopsticks. Then all of a sudden I had a thought and then thought, 'I should blog that'. Then I realised... I HAVE to blog that. An inner compulsion compels me simple as:

I believe there are forces guiding us. I thought I was not being guided particularly and perhaps I am not. Perhaps these are just the results of noticing things in a different way, but coincidentally these little incidences have made me realise how big a financial crash could be and the need to prep:

1) Water:

The plumbing went wrong in my house a few months ago. This was VERY difficult. We used more than 20 litres in two or three days. Originally I had just prepped for drinking water but then I realised:

  • Personal hygiene.
  • Washing dishes.
  • Washing clothes.
  • Possibly cooking food.

I have got around this to some extent by getting disposable plates and cutlery. The problems is very serious though.

2) Money:

My mothers card did not produce cash out of a certain cash machine with the words 'contact your bank'. This was an uncomfortable powerless feeling. Surprisingly and unnervingly so. If this happens en mass panic will very quickly ensue (in my estimation).

3) Electricity:

The lights have stopped working in the bathroom and kitchen. My thoughts have been:

A)  Wow, this light that I have on my key ring (£20 torch) really does not produce that much light although it seems to.

B) HOW LONG WILL THE BATTERIES LAST (Not long, even if it is long, the tension is uncomfortable).

I think I'll only be comfortable if I have a source that will not run out. Possibly a kinetic operated light for instance.

The global game:

I do not need to spell out the sudden surprises in international politics. Things are getting very fragile. Knowledgeable financial people are making some very disturbing noises about the bond market. That does not seem to have a solution that is positive. If bond yields are going up, investors are not buying them and new debt cannot be created. If bond yields are going down, investors are fleeing stocks for some unknown reason meaning the stock market is likely due for a sudden 'correction'.

Anyway, I think we're all a little on edge at the moment.

Happy Halloween!

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