Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Parallels between now and second world war.

I have been reading about the second world war. There are some parallels and interesting trends I thought I'd share:

A) Towards the end of the war Josef Goebbels produced a magazine called 'The New Europe', titles included:
  • Europe is fighting for unity
  • Youth ensures Europe's future
  • The economic unity of Europe
  • The New Europe, a victory over Anglo Saxon hostility.
Perhaps the Nazi's couldn't get away with writing 'the Anglo Saxon racism' on that last one!

B) When news of the concentration camps came out before the end of the war, the Germans mostly did not believe them (perhaps they thought they were "conspiracy theories".)

C) The Nazi's, the negative polarity, believed right up to the end that they had a secret death ray that would save them. The German army were told to fight to the end and many of them did. That pattern here is the negative polarity apparently does not give up in defeat. This is in contrast to how it happens in negative density according to the LoO where takeovers are simply acknowledged.

D) There was little fanfare towards the end of the war. There was no heroism. It was a dull plodding affair. Rather like now. Even though there is fanfare about Trump and things. Things definitely have the plodding aspect. We wait for the election or the Italian referendum. News on any stock crash or disclosure etc.

E) When the Germans lost, they did not protest. The citizens were made to watch news of the concentration camps. There was no revisionist history, such things came from outside Germany. There was just a dull acceptance.

F) Life became cheap during the end of the war. Groups of tens of thousands of people were sacrificed on a whim for virtually no reason, (this to me is similar to the 'terrorist' attacks we witness here and the endless body count of Clintons opposition such as Seth Rich. The war in Syria. The 'cabal' have already lost there is no need for these things.)

Now, we are not in the same position as the Germans were; because the weight was strongly in favour of the negative polarity. Even after the war the negative factions simply moved into a slightly different configuration and carried on with their games with the deceptive 'cold war' phenomena.

This time we may see something similar or we may see the actual shift completely away from the negative. Also, our everyday lives, although there is some censorship and some rape victims in Cologne and Sweden ignored. A lot of deaths in the Middle East. This situation is nowhere near as dire as the second world war.

This time, we can see the free market and democracy voting against the end of these tyrants:

Zerohedge: Twitter Planning To Fire Another 8% Of Workforce, "Losing Talent" Fast

Zerohedge: 14% Of Polled Wells Fargo Customers Have Decided To Leave The Bank

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