Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Gab and Kassam 4 UKIP leader.

Earlier I was thinking I have little to say today on my blog entry but as I sit down I realise I have a lot to say.

Firstly GAB:

In my view this is a very intelligent post. Authoritarians is a good name for those that run based not upon sensible principles but in favour of emotional preference.

Not one person is indispensible! It is a point as well that authoritarians do never seem to learn, they repeat the same behaviours ad infinitum.

There seems to be some underlying faith or even metaphysical belief of some sort, underlying the 'Alt right'. Adam Smith after all was a theologian.

Also, this is news that I am so happy about it almost makes me weak:

Breitbart London: Breitbart’s Raheem Kassam To Run For UKIP Leader

The thing that made me not quite so enthusiastic about Kassam to begin with was that he seems to tell jokes and have a personality that potentially could create conflict and distract from the issues, for instance, when there were "refugees" moaning about not getting good enough food (I think) on the BBC, I remember a joke he told that gave me a 'tsss' reaction, and it is often the way.

But, UKIP needs someone like Kassam. Someone that is onside but not a blank face representing Farage. Also, I think flinching away from conflict is the worst way UKIP can go. Because it is the beginning of the end for their message and fight. I've been overly intellectual and indirect I think to strategise thus far that UKIP should not take on certain issue because they should tackle the EU first.

This was an error (although one that obviously doesn't cost anyone anything in particular). A leader can take on many contradicting aims and still have time to express opinions on other things. Running government or a political party includes talking about many different issues.

I will be looking at my finances and probably donating to Kassam, as I likely will for Gab. If enough people do donate to Kassam it will prove, in arguing in his favour in relation to UKIP, that he can drum up financial support for the party. Which will work strongly in his favour.

I have also seen this video. It is pretty sick what the Americans are up to but it also proves that the Russians and Syrians are decisively winning the war. As long as the Russians can (they will) get the upper hand again they can surround Al Nusra, stopping their supplies, and finish them off.

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