Monday, 17 October 2016

The world now.

So, there is news about Assange, or rather, there is a lack of news about Assange or any confirmation that he is definitely alive after the internet was cut off and possibly the security cameras around the Equadorian embassy as well.

This could potentially lead to a massive data dump of all the data wikileaks has been holding. a 'kill switch' so to speak. That Assange has held in order to stop his own assassination.

If Assange is dead or something has happened to him, and the positive forces do not release this information immediately, then it will confirm the negative forces belief that the positive forces are gutless. Justifiably. If you say you will do something you have to do it.

Wouldn't it be exciting if it all happened now. Benjamin Fulford is relaying that these people are losing and finally getting with the program what we all know. The election of Donald Trump will be a big factor in destroying and arresting these negative individuals.

Also, Russia today have had their bank accounts frozen.

We await further news!

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