Monday, 24 October 2016

State of play, closing square, devaluation and personal.

As I have talked about before, we have a new moon next Sunday. When we are in the closing square of the moon cycle as we are now there is usually not much emotional excitement. However, with things as they are at the moment and a US Presidential Election in swing, there may still be interesting news such as that coming out of Wikileaks.

Read a fantastic leak the other day about Putin not doing what the Americans/ DNC want!:
Putin did not agree to anything about removing Assad and continues to bomb the people we support. We pushed the same position in 2012 (Geneva 1, which HRC knows all about) and Geneva 2 in 2014. Odds that Putin agrees to remove Assad are only slightly better than the odds the College of Cardinals chooses me to someday succeed Pope Francis.
I also read this document about sabotaging the Trumpers on social media that is endlessly funny:
The board is dark and full of losers 
The chans are a volatile source for sedimentary rage against society for one’s own personal failures. They are hot-beds of meme-innovation and can produce symbolically complex textualand sub-textual memes. Our campaign of disruption must continue. Due to the anonymousnature of the board, it is difficult to disrupt—put in context, the chans are in a permanent state of disruption.
These people they just don't get it do they? But I suppose if they 'got it' they wouldn't be campaigning for Hillary Clinton (and by dropping this meme I do not agree with that assessment of Chans):

Also, Chinese devaluation is back. But even though it is usually a massive market crashing event, the market is rallying like nothing else. While a lot of people believe it will come down eventually predicting the future at this point in time takes more energy than simply preparing for it... How serious are the Russians about nuclear war? Well I'd prefer not to know.

Finally, and yes finally, we have some information on Julian Assange, but it still seems rather cryptic.


For me personally I am thinking of other things a bit, and if I'm thinking of other things but these things (politics and attendant metaphysical concerns), if other thoughts are important enough to get in the way, then they are very important". We have a new manager at work, a workplace I have had just about enough of, and it is only fair to 'discuss' things with this new manager and give her a chance but it is time for me to at least try to move on I think, and apply for other jobs. (Even transferring would not solve this problem, the place seems to run on a model that they get you to work hard and then if you make any mistakes from being tired, or even if you make no mistakes and the customers don't communicate properly, they whine at you. No warmth or consideration just whining.).

Although I do not want to discuss these things until I go because I do not like to give the appearance I am bluffing. It's only fair to engage.

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